Curricula Vitae

Create CVs using content already in Pure

You can use the CV tool in Pure to create CVs that pull together content in Pure that is linked to your Pure profile. This content includes your current and previous employments, academic qualifications, publications, activities and press/media contributions.

There are three types of CVs that can be created:

1. Public CV - a CV that can be displayed on your profile page on the Edinburgh Research Explorer.

2. Private CV - a CV that is only accessible via Pure.

3. Highlighted Content CV - a list of research outputs and activities that can be displayed on your department webpage.


Please refer to the guides listed below to create and edit CVs in Pure.


Create Public/Private CV (PDF, 341KB)

Edit Public/Private CVs: 


Create Highlighted Content CV (PDF, 383KB)

Edit Highlighted Content CV (PDF, 301KB)