Research Data Service

SDA: Survey Documentation and Analysis

What Windows Media Player, PhotoShop, etc do for sound and video files, SDA does for numeric data.

Originally designed for the analysis and documentation of survey microdata, SDA can also ingest and provide "slice-and-dice" access as well as appropriate statistical analysis capability for aggregate and time-series data.

  • SDA is a tool with which to generate summary statistics, manipulate, and visualise the content of numeric data, especially microdata.
  • SDA is a server-side application, accessed through any forms-capable web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc), so all you need is Internet access and a web browser.
  • SDA has a user-friendly interface, with lots of context-specific help screens.

Access SDA: Survey Documentation and Analysis


Core features of SDA:

  1. An interactive (server-side) application available through any forms-capable web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc)
  2. Supports statistical analyses (crosstabs (tables), comparison of means, correlations, regression) of numeric data, without the need for special statistical software
  3. Produces most standard measures of significance, direction, etc
  4. Supports downloading (fixed field or csv) with SAS, SPSS, or Stata syntax
  5. Data Library staff clean/enhance data, generate variable level metadata, and load into SDA
  6. Supports recoding existing variables, computing new variables, and allows sharing and/or downloading of recoded and/or computed variables