Research Data Service

DataVault long-term storage

A service to ensure integrity and long term retention of golden copy research data.

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The purpose of the DataVault is to provide researchers (PIs/data owners) with a long-term, low-cost, immutable, and safe storage solution for their data, which are no longer active or not intended for publication.

The DataVault allows data creators at the University of Edinburgh to:

  • Store their data safely in the University’s archival storage platform
  • Link this data to a record in Pure without having to re-enter any of the data
  • Optionally, receive a DOI for the data which can be used in publications and other outputs
  • Comply with funder and University requirements to preserve research data for the long-term, and
  • Be confident that their data will be there for them, or their nominated delegate, to reuse in the future as and when required.

Where it is intended that data will ultimately be made public, they should instead be deposited in DataShare (, an open repository for data. DataShare deposits may be placed under embargo, so that files will remain inaccessible (except by request to the depositor) until such time as the embargo expires. The DataVault Project commenced development in February 2017 and is addressing a range of requirements to ensure the service is fit for purpose across the University.

Interim DataVault

If you have completed a research project and need to store your 'golden copy' data safely, you may be able to do so using our interim service:

Interim DataVault Service

Prepare data

Prepare your data for the DataVault