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How to deposit

Details on how to register, set up a collection, and deposit data in the repository.

How to register

  1. Point a browser window to Edinburgh DataShare (link below).
  2. Once there, find "My Account" (top right-hand menu) and click on "Register."
  3. Use your EASE credentials and wait for confirmation email.

* N.B. only University of Edinburgh members are eligible. Visitors and collaborators may apply for an EASE Friend account.

How to set up a data collection

  1. Browse the "Research Communities" (underneath "Browse") and expand to find available collections.
  2. Send a message to indicating where you wish to deposit (an existing or new collection).
  3. If you need a new collection, provide a title, a description and an image (optional).
  4. A repository administrator will send you an email when your new collection is ready.

How to deposit an data item

  1. Log into your account, navigate to the appropriate collection and click on "Deposit data." You may also use the homepage to deposit, but your item will be sent to the "default" collection and moved to an appropriate collection later.
  2. Describe your item, complete as many fields (metadata) as possible. You may "Save & Exit" anytime or continue to the "Next" step. Retrieve your saved items by clicking on "Submissions" (under "My Account").
  3. Upload your item, include all the data files (in one or more formats) and documentation needed to make the data understandable and re-usable. * N.B. large files (>15 GB) may produce an error message in the browser. If this happens, contact the Data Library team. If you have more than 20 GB of data to share, please contact the Data Library team to discuss options.
  4. Review your item: check metadata, data files and documentation files, and correct any errors.
  5. Recommended licence is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. International, but another open data licence may be entered instead.
  6. When your item is ready click on "Complete submission" and wait for confirmation. An administrator will moderate your submission. Once your item is live, a persistent identifier (DOI) will be issued.


Download Edinburgh DataShare User's Guide, a 4-page step by step guide, with screenshots:




Consultancy and support

Our team can guide you through the submission process, just contact us for an appointment or telephone consultation.

If you wish to discuss your requirements or how to deposit large files or a large number of files please contact


Things to consider before depositing

Edinburgh DataShare's Checklist for deposit