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Other recommended training resources

Other relevant University training - including data protection, information security and computing skills.

The following online training courses are mandatory for all members of the University to help them understand and comply with essential policies such as the Data Protection Policy and the Information Security Policy.

Data Protection Training

Under the University's Data Protection Policy, all staff have responsibility for data protection compliance in their day-to-day work. To keep up to date with these responsibilities, staff must complete the University's mandatory data protection training module.

Academics conducting research and the research support staff members must also complete the additional module “Data Protection for Research”.

Information Security Essentials

This online self-enrol Learn course is divided into five modules, each covering a different area of information security at The University of Edinburgh.

The five modules are:

  1. Protecting information
  2. Physical and procedural security
  3. Working remotely and the cloud
  4. Common threats and how to counter them
  5. Why research is different

Related training providers

Events and courses offered by the following University training providers cover a number of computing, research, coding and statistical topics.