Research Data Service

Versioning and code management

How to use the Version Control Services provided by the university.

Version Control Services

What is it?

The Version Control Services  allow users to store active documents, source code and other research objects.

When these documents are updated with newer versions, the old versions are still kept, enabling you to revert to an older version if needed.

These services also allow for multiple people to collaborate on projects, by letting users check out a document to work on locally and allow management of multiple changes by independent users.

There are two different Version Control Services available for users from Research Services:

Who can use it?

Repositories on either Version Control Service may be used both by Edinburgh University researchers and by their collaborators, who may be external to the University.

What does it cost?

Both Services are available at no charge.

Subversion provides a default quota of 50MB for all repositories. This can be increased upon request.

If you require a repository of 10GB in size or greater (either as a new repository request or as an extension to an existing quota) then please get in touch. Charging may be discussed for repositories of this size or greater.

To increase your Subversion quota please use the quota change request form at :