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Jupyter notebooks are an open-source web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualisations and narrative text. Jupyter notebooks are an ideal platform for promoting open reproducible science by allowing you to share working versions of your analysis in varying computational languages. With the Noteable service, you can easily share working versions of your analysis with other colleagues within your lab via our hosted environments, allowing you to quickly collaborate on computational analysis. As well as giving access to Jupyter notebooks in a variety of programming languages, Noteable can also be pre-configured with additional packages and libraries to suit your needs. 

Jupyter allows you to: 


  • Document complex data analysis.

  • Create computational narratives, explaining your findings and method alongside code.

  • Include visualisations and data tables alongside code.

  • Work with remote data sets.

  • Create public access versions of your analysis to share with other labs or for public engagement.

  • Support can be added for over 100 language kernels.


Information Services and EDINA have developed and deployed a cloud-hosted Jupyter hub environment giving access to Jupyter notebooks without the need for installation. This service was originally piloted for use as a supporting learning technology but is now being developed to support research use cases.  The Noteable team is currently looking to work with colleagues to better support Noteable for Research use cases. If you would like to investigate using Jupyter notebooks for your research or currently use Jupyter and want to make use of our cloud service, then please contact the Noteable team:,


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