Research Data Service

Working with Data Safe Haven

Procedures for gaining access to the Data Safe Haven (DSH)


1. Project enquiry

If you are interested in the DSH for your project email us at  Please ensure you mention Data Safe Haven in the message subject line. We will then contact you to determine if your project is suitable for the DSH. 

2. Project requirements

We will work with you to establish your project requirements via email and face to face meetings.  Every project will require a Gatekeeper who will perform the input/output disclosure checks. We will offer you guidance and support during this process.

3. Project registration

Once you are satisfied with the technical specifications we will offer, you will be required to approve and sign our project registration form. We will then register the project and begin the build on the secure environment.

4. Access

The project Principal Investigator (PI)  must name and authorise the users who will access the DSH, including the Gatekeepers. Once we have received authorisation we will contact each user and request they sign a user agreement and provide documentation to show completion of appropriate training.

Once we receive all your documentation your DSH account will be activated. We will then contact you to arrange collection of your secure token (Yubikey) and password which you will need in order to access the DSH environment.

5. Active project

Throughout the duration of your project, you can carry out all your analysis using the applications available to you within your DSH virtual environment from a University managed desktop (PC/Laptop). All traffic between the DSH and your computer is encrypted and no internet access is available. You will not be able to copy or print any information from the DSH and only nominated gatekeepers will have the privilege to transfer data in and export data out of the virtual environment.

6. Project closure

At the end of the project you will need to confirm you have extracted all the data you require as the virtual environment, including all data, will be permanently destroyed. No data will be held in DSH after the project is closed.

Further information

We can set up a demo environment for you on request to explore the use of the DSH for your project. Please contact the Research Data Support team at