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Dealing with Data 2018 one day conference

Open Science opens up new ways in which research/education/innovation are undertaken, archived and curated, and disseminated across the globe. Open Science is not about dogma per se; it is about greater efficiency and productivity, more transparency and a better response to interdisciplinary research needs.1

The Dealing with Data 2018 one-day conference is your opportunity to hear about how the move towards open science and scholarship is affecting research. The themes for DwD2018 are:

·         Striving for Openness - Has access to open data already helped in your research, or are the demands for openness discouraging you from undertaking certain types of project?

·         Balancing Demands - How do you balance competing demands for data openness with the right to privacy of research participants?

·         Ensuring Impact - How do you increase your impact and ensure your research can be validated if your data are too sensitive to make open?

·         New Tools - Are new tools providing fresh and exciting ways to work with your data or are you struggling to find tools to help you do what you need?


Dealing with Data is an annual event sponsored by the Research Data Service to provide a forum for University of Edinburgh researchers to discuss how you are benefiting from, or experiencing struggles with, the ever-changing research data environment.

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The Keynote will be given by Dr Emily Sena, Inaugural Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open Science (



Refreshments & Registration


Welcome: Martin Donnelly, Research Data Support Manager



The future is open – improving the utility of preclinical research,

Dr Emily Sena, CCBS Research Fellow & Editor-in-Chief of BMJ Open Science


Session 1

Chair: Martin Donnelly

The struggle is real: dealing with real world data in clinical trials, Catriona Keerie, Senior Statistician, Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit, Usher Institute

Data Safe Haven,

David Perry, Head of Scientific Computing, IGMM

Data Sharing in Clinical Trials – practical guidance on anonymising trial datasets,

Chris Tuck, ECTU Trial Manager




Session 2

Chair: Kerry Miller

Stories from the “open science revolution”: how scientists talk about openness,

Rosalind Attenborough, School of Social & Political Sciences

Edinburgh University Internet of Things (IoT) Research & Innovation Service,

Simon Chapple, Senior Data Technologist

Embedding sound in research papers in linguistics,

Dr. Bert Remijsen, Chancellor's Fellow, Linguistics and English Language, School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences

Experiences of open science and open software,

Peter Bankhead, Senior Lecturer in Digital Pathology


Lunch – Poster session and stalls


Session 3

Chair: Robin Rice

WikiWicca: Teaching data literacy with the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft and enabling Open Science and Open Scholarship with Wikidata,

Ewan McAndrew, Wikimedian in Residence at the University of Edinburgh

Beyond counting sheep: a review of open data for zooarchaeological quantitative analysis,

Roxanne Guildford, Ph.D. Candidate in Archaeology, School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Facilitating Digital Research: A Collaborative Approach,

Dr. Lisa Otty, Lead Research Facilitator, Digital Research Service


Closing remarks: Martin Donnelly, Research Data Support Manager



Photograph of attendees at Repository Fringe during the lunch break
Nov 23 2018 -

Dealing with Data 2018 one day conference

The one day conference will be held in the Playfair Library on Friday 23rd of November

Playfair Library Hall, Old College