Research Data Service

Benefits of writing a DMP

Why write a DMP?

Most funders require researchers to submit a data management plan (DMP) with their grant applications. Many funders provide simple DMP templates along with guidelines on the data-related topics researchers should cover when writing their DMPs. Writing a DMP provides the opportunity for researchers to consider how they will approach the management and sharing of their data before the project work begins. This benefits researchers as it establishes a framework for working with data throughout the project and helps to identify resources needed to support their research data. This translates to better time management and lower costs during project work.

Other benefits

Writing a data management plan will also provide other short- and long-term benefits, helping you:

  • find and understand your data when needed
  • avoid unnecessary duplication of data
  • document your data to ensure ongoing access and continuity when you or other colleagues depart or new reseach staff start
  • validate your published results
  • ensure your research is visible and has impact
  • get credit when others cite your work
  • share your data, leading to collaboration and advances in research
  • comply with research funder mandates