Research Data Service

Pure for datasets

Record your datasets and link them to your projects.

Pure is the University's Current Research Information System (CRIS). Information held in Pure is represented as individual metadata records, which describe and relate to research staffs' publications, projects and activities. PURE metadata records also allow for relationships and associations to be created between research inputs and outputs, providing a broad picture of research activity at the individual, research unit, School, College and University levels.

In addition to providing many of the University's current research management and reporting needs, Pure metadata records are published to Edinburgh Research Explorer, which provide a public view on the University's research activities. Units are also able to access metadata held in Pure to feed this information into their own local web presence, such as publication lists and staff profiles.

Pure allows you to
  • create a metadata record to describe your dataset and link your other research output to your dataset;
  • use your Pure metadata record when you create a vault in the DataVault to describe the contents of the vault; and
  • acquire a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to publish your dataset’s metadata record to Edinburgh Research Explorer so that you receive recognition for your work and direct other researchers to your datasets.

Login to Pure:


Please refer to the Dataset Documentation Reference Guide for Pure Users for instructions on how to use Pure for your datasets.


This simple flowchart provides an excellent, illustrated view of how you can use Pure to describe (record) your dataset, acquire a DOI, publish your Pure record to Edinburgh Research Explorer. Please note the depiction of DataVault should be updated to show metadata is now copied from DataVault to Pure by the RDS team, so the DataVault user has no need to login to Pure themself.