Research Data Service

Sharing data with an external user

How to use the new DataVault Outward Staging Area service

Do you need to provide a copy of a DataVault deposit to an external user? 

As a free-of-charge benefit to DataVault depositors, the Research Data Service offers temporary (two months) use of the DataVault Outward Staging Area (DOSA) for this purpose. The DOSA is part of DataStore, but separate from the area we provide for users making a new deposit ('the DataVault staging area').  

To allow an external user(s) to access files on DOSA, either a DataSync link or a Globus connection must be created.

We recommend choosing DataSync for filesets under 500 GB, since browser access should be robust enough for this size. The Research Data Support team will do this for you. 


Whereas we recommend Globus (FTP) for files over 500 GB. The Research Data Support team will do this for you.

Please contact the support team, using the 'Contact us' button above, to ask to use DOSA. 

diagram showing workflow of DOSA, data starts in DataVault, goes through DOSA and out through DataSync or GlobusFTP