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DataShare open access data repository

Everything you need to know to deposit and begin sharing your data publicly.

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Edinburgh DataShare is an online digital repository of multi-disciplinary research datasets produced at the University of Edinburgh.

How to deposit

Details on how to register, choose a Collection, and deposit data in DataShare.

Checklist for deposit

How do you know if you are ready to share your data? What do you need to think about in advance of depositing?

Choose the best file formats

Guidance on selecting file formats for long-term accessibility and interoperability

Benefits of deposit

As a University of Edinburgh researcher, why would you want to deposit data in Edinburgh DataShare?

Our definitions

A list of terms used in relation to the DataShare repository and throughout the accompanying documentation.

Trustworthy Digital Repository

What makes a digital repository trustworthy? What is CoreTrustSeal? How can we make sure the repository is trusted by our depositors and data users?

Service background

A free-at-point-of-use service which allows University researchers to upload, share, and license data for online discovery and re-use.

Service policies

DataShare policies are registered in OpenDOAR (Directory of Open Access Repositories).

Depositor agreement

When you deposit in the Edinburgh DataShare repository, you agree to these terms and conditions.