Information Services


Research Services now offer general file services (called DataStore). This data is accessible from a user's workstation.

Data Services

General Research File Storage

HPC File Storage

A large amount of high performance fibre channel storage is available to users of the Research Services compute cluster, Eddie.

Backup Services

All storage services are backed up unless stated otherwise. A monthly cycle of complete backup and nightly incremental backup is used. Research Services can also provide a backup service for research servers.

Raw data services

In addition to offering file services to end users, the Research Services can also assist with the provision of large scale block device storage systems in collaboration with School IT staff. If you are interested and would like to discuss options, please:

Version Control Services

The Version Control Services provided by Research Services allow users to store documents and artefacts (source code, configurations, theses, papers, etc.).

When these documents are updated with newer versions, the old versions are still kept, enabling you to revert to an older version if needed.

These services also allow for multiple people to collaborate on projects, by letting users check out a document to work on locally and allow management of multiple changes by independent users.

There are two different Version Control Services available for users from Research Services:

Version Control - GitLab                              - Suitable for distributed development or where branching and merging is a common operation.

Version Control - Subversion                    - Suitable for larger projects that require centralisation or granular access control.