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Requirements to deposit

The University of Edinburgh has introduced a Research Publications Policy requiring academics to deposit their research outputs in a publications repository.

Increasingly research funders have similar requirements.

PhD and MPhil students have been required to submit an electronic copy of their thesis for publication in ERA since 2005.

We believe that the interests of Scotland will be best served by the rapid adoption of open access to scientific and research literature.

Scottish Declaration on Open Access

Research Publications Policy

The relevant policy was passed by the Senate in February 2009 in order to maximise the visibility of the University of Edinburgh’s research output.

The policy encourages the deposit of an electronic copy of non-peer-reviewed research, particularly where this may be used for national assessments.

Researchers or their proxies (such as research administrators) should deposit their research outputs in a publications repository, and provide information about whether the research can be made publicly available PURE or ERA.

Research Funders’ Open Access Policies

Some funding bodies require authors to make their research available via Open Access. Authors should be aware of funders' requirements before submitting manuscripts to publishers.

PhD and MPhil candidates

PhD and MPhil candidates who began study on or after 1st September 2005 are obliged to submit their final thesis in electronic form.