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The UKRI open access publication fund is run on a first-come, first served basis. Authors should not apply to the fund before they have a completed manuscript ready to be sent to the publisher.

UPDATE: Changes to the UKRI open access fund

We will no longer pay open access charges for articles published in traditional subscription-based journals ('Hybrid-OA') where it is possible to comply via the 'Green' route to open access . Funds are reserved to publish articles in fully 'Gold ' open access journals.


Please send the following information to the Scholarly Communications Team, via email or via the online claim form:

  • Manuscript Title
  • Journal Title & Publisher
  • Funding Council & Grant Number
  • Anticipated Cost of Publication

Open Access charges claim form

Next steps

The Scholarly Communications Team will help you by checking the requirements of your funding agency as well as the policies of your chosen journal and will let you know if no-cost ‘green’ open access is an option available to you.

Green open access is the University’s preferred option. However, if your funder and/or journal or choice require you to choose the paid-for Gold open access option, and depending on funds being available, the Scholarly Communications Team will email to confirm that you can use the fund. You can then then proceed to publish in your chosen journal.

Arranging payment

If the publisher of your journal is one of those with which the University of Edinburgh has an existing arrangement then the Scholarly Communications Team will arrange for payment to be taken from the University’s prepayment account.

If you receive an invoice for your article, please email it to the Scholarly Communications Team or post it internally to the address below. The Scholarly Communications Team will arrange payment from the fund.

If your article is not accepted for publication please contact the Scholarly Communications Team so that we can keep our records up-to-date. If you choose to resubmit to another journal you should let us know the new details so that we can manage the fund properly.

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  • You can book a one-to one video consultation with an expert from our team. If you want to find out more about open access (journals, funding, policies etc ), Copyright & Intellectual Property, General publishing activities (request an ISBN or DOI), or research metrics (using Web Of Science or Scopus) please contact our team via email to book a session at a time that suits you.


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