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UKRI Open Access Fund

Research Council funded researchers can apply to a central fund to pay for Open Access publication costs.

How much is available?

UKRI have provided a block grant for 2021/22 to the University of Edinburgh to pay for article processing charges (APCs) incurred by RCUK-funded researchers who are required to make their research available in an open access format. The block grant we have received is not enough to cover the demand so we have to limit applications according to the criteria below.

UPDATE: No Hybrid OA

We will no longer pay open access charges for articles published in traditional subscription-based journals ('Hybrid-OA') where it is possible to comply via the 'Green' route to open access. Funds are reserved to publish articles in fully 'Gold ' open access journals.

Go 'green' where possible

The University of Edinburgh’s preference is primarily to achieve Open Access through no-cost ‘green’ Open Access, by making appropriate versions of research outputs available using PURE in line with your publisher’s policy. As is the case now, where funding for APCs is unavailable longer embargo periods  are allowable by UKRI - 12 months, for STEM disciplines, or 24 months in the arts, humanities and social sciences (which will mainly be funded by the AHRC and the ESRC).

We will cover open access publishing costs in the following circumstances:

  • for articles published in reputable fully OA journals  (listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals:;
  • for some 'Hybrid-OA' journals where the University already has a Read & Publish agreement with publishers to offset costs, currently these publishers are:
    • Company of Biologists
    • Microbiology Society
    • Institute of Physics
    • Portland Press
    • Royal Society of Chemistry

    • SAGE

    • Springer (but not Nature)

    • Wiley

    • Full list of Read & Publish deals

  • if papers are funded by MRC and the Green OA embargo exceeds 6 months;
  • all publications must acknowledge Research Council funding. 

To make an application please see the step-by-step guide below:

Page charges

We have now had clear guidance from RCUK that other costs resulting from the publication of Research Council‐funded research, e.g. page or colour charges, can be covered by our institutional open access block grant. The costs must be reasonable (generally less than £1,000); and the paper must be made open access by depositing a copy of the Author's Accepted Manuscript in Pure. 


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  • You can book a one-to one video consultation with an expert from our team. If you want to find out more about open access (journals, funding, policies etc ), Copyright & Intellectual Property, General publishing activities (request an ISBN or DOI), or research metrics (using Web Of Science or Scopus) please contact our team via email to book a session at a time that suits you.