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Deposit your publication

Step-by-step guides on how to deposit your research into the University's Open Access repository.

Depositing an article in PURE will make it publicly available via the Edinburgh Research Explorer. It is important to have the correct version of the file to upload - the publisher’s PDF is generally not OK to use.

Adding content to Pure

Version to use

Use the final draft author manuscript, as accepted for publication, including modifications based on referees' suggestions, but before it has undergone copyediting and proof correction.

This is sometimes known as the Post-print, Author Version, or Personal Copy. It is important to have the correct version of the file to upload - the publisher's PDF is generally not OK to upload.

When you are depositing the Accepted Manuscript in Pure please make sure that any reviewers comments or other pieces of personal information are removed or redacted.

Self-service deposit

A step-by-step description of the self-service method is described below:

Mediated deposit

Alternatively the Library offers a mediated deposit service. Email the file to the Library at the link below and we will do it on your behalf. Some Schools and departments also have local arrangements for support so please check with your local administrator.

Email Open Access



A rule of thumb is that most publishers (68%) allow a copy of the article to be posted online. Generally speaking a PDF of the final published version of the article as it appears in the journal usually cannot be used, as this is against publishers’ copyright policies.


Book chapters and monographs

For those wishing to deposit a book chapter or monograph in PURE the  conditions can differ than for journal articles, with different publishers having varying policies. The link below offers some guidance

Chapters and monographs open-access guidance

The submission procedures for these works remains the same as above.