Information Services

College and School Open Access contacts

Each College and School has a dedicated contact point for local support for Open Access which are listed below.

College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science open access team can be reached at

School Administrator Email
Business School
School of Divinity Veronica Cano
School of Economics
Edinburgh College of Art
School of Health in Social Science
School of History, Classics & Archaeology
School of Law
School of Literature, Languages and Cultures
Moray House School of Education & Sport George Amirkhanashvili

School of Philosophy, Psychology

and Language Science

Giulia Giganti
School of Social and Political Science

College of Science & Engineering

School Administrator Email                                                     

School of Biological Sciences                  

School of Chemistry

Fay Campbell

School of Engineering Marjorie Drysdale 

School of GeoSciences

Greer Singh

School of Informatics

School of Mathematics
School of Physics & Astronomy                           

Fiona McNaughton

College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine team can be contacted at The table below lists the local administrators who can assist with uploading records to Pure.

Centre/ Unit                                                                   Administrator Email

Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences (CCBS)

Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences (CDBS)
Centre for Reproductive Health (CRH)

Jackie Young

Centre for Genomic and

Experimental Medicine (CGEM)

Centre for Inflammation Research (CIR) Ruth MacInnes
Centre for Regenerative Medicine (CRM)

Donna Lumsden
Centre for Cardiovascular Science (CVS)

Division of Infection and

Pathway Medicine (DIPM)


Easter Bush

Dawn Law

Val Finlayson

Edinburgh Cancer

Research Centre (ECRC)

Human Genetics Unit (HGU)

Usher Institute