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Find out more about the services and resources provided by the Library Open Research team and Open Research practices. Explore key services with respect to data management, open-access publication, and participatory research, along with useful tools to support Open Research in practice.

The Library Open Research Service is acts as a central hub for Open Research initiatives at the University. Working alongside grassroots networks (such as ReproducibiliTea), library services (such as the Scholarly Communications and Research Data Service teams), and other institutional services and resources (such as the Institute for Academic Development) we are committed to working towards the 'pillars' of Open Research:
  • Culture Change
  • Future of Scholarly Publishing    
  • FAIR Data            
  • EOSC    
  • Education & Skills            
  • Recognition & Rewards
  • Next-generation Metrics             
  • Research Integrity          
  • Citizen Science & Participatory Research

Open Research Conference 2023  Materials

Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023

The University of Edinburgh Library Research Support Team and grassroots organisation Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea are once again joined forces to run the Edinburgh Open Research Conference 2023. 

The theme for this year was "Open Research as a Tool for Addressing Global Challenges", and consisted of three days of workshops and talks.



Learn More About the Conference

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Key Services & Resources

Research Data Service

Research Data Management, RDM
Research Data Service provides a suite of tools and support that helps staff and students be effective with their research data before, during and after their project.

Making Your Research Open Access

Information on Open Access, research funders' policies, including the Wellcome Trust and costs.

Research Information Management

Systems support for Pure, Worktribe, Research Professional and This team looks after the system administration, training and reporting for the University's various Research Information Management systems, including Pure, Worktribe, Research Professional and

Edinburgh Diamond

Edinburgh Diamond is a service provided by Edinburgh University Library that supports the publication of academic and student-led Open Access books and journals.

The Institute for Academic Development Open Research Hub

McEwan Hall interior dome detail
The IAD Open Research Hub has more information on Open Research tools at the University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea and Open Research Initiative

Learn more about Edinburgh ReproducibiliTea the Edinburgh Open Research Initiative, two grassroots efforts to promote and sustain an Open Research culture at the University.

Additional Resources

There are numerous additional internal and external resources to support you on your Open Research journey.  We are frequently reviewing the services on offer at the University that promote OpenAccess work, and welcome suggestions for new tools that may be of use to researchers at the University.

Stay in Touch

Our monthly newsletter summarises current work the Library Open Research team is doing, introduces you to our wonderful colleagues along with important resources for conducting Open Research, and will keep you up to date with the latest Open Research events and activities taking place at the University and beyond. 

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