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Supporting the publication of academic and student-led Open Access journals using Open Journal Systems (OJS).

Edinburgh University Library Open Journals 

About the Open Journal service

The Library’s Open Journals service provides a hosting platform for academic and student-led journals to publish Open Access journals. All journals are accessible here:  

All journals hosted by the Library are fully Open Access and use a Creative Commons licence.

Journals on the platform are published using Open Journal Systems (OJS). OJS is open source and used by at least 8,000 journals worldwide. It can be used to manage the editorial workflow from submission to publication and can support multiple languages.

The Library works with the Journal’s editorial team to customise the look and feel of the journal and provides training and support using OJS.

More information about Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Using the Open Journal service

The Open Journal service is available to University of Edinburgh students and academics. The service is provided free of charge. The Library will help with the initial set up of a journal and provide ongoing support. A summary of what journals can expect  from the Open Journal service  is provided below.  

The Library will:

  • Provide the service free of charge on the condition that journals requirements can be met without additional cost or time to the Library
  • Provide advice and support to help editorial teams set up their journal and training on using OJS
  • Provide limited customisation of the new journal according to the design brief supplied by the journal editorial team. Please note that we require certain standard features to be included. For example: a link to a Take Down Policy (provided) must be included in the footer
  • Provide initial training and documentation and ongoing support
  • Provide training (as required) for new publishing staff
  • Consult with experts in the Library to offer copyright advice
  • Set up a Google Analytics account for each journal. Please note, the Library may make appropriate use of the statistical data
  • Manage (and pay for) Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) which use the Library’s DOI prefix: 10.2218
  • Apply  for an ISSN on behalf of the journal
  • On publication, apply to DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

Journal Editors are asked to:

  • Provide names and contact details for two individuals who will be the primary contacts
  • Inform the Library of any significant changes in the management of the journal
  • Seek the support of their school in publishing the journal – this is mandatory for student-led journals
  • Have a succession plan in place – this is mandatory for student-led journals
  • Provide a design brief for any customisation required
  • Be responsible for creating, formatting and uploading articles and journal items for publication. This includes the editing of video or multimedia files
  • Be responsible for ensuring editions are published as per the published publication schedule
  • Be responsible for the content published in the journal. Including ensuring published content does not infringe 3rd party copyright
  • Respond to communications from the Library in a timely fashion.

Setting up a new journal

If you would like to set up a new journal please complete the New Journal proposal form and email it to

Existing journals 

The Library can also migrate existing journals (and any archives) from alternative platforms, such as Wordpress or a website, to the Library’s Open Journal service.

Contact the Library Learning Services team to find out more or to discuss the possibility of digitising any print back issues to be made available on the platform. Please note there may be a charge for any digitisation done.

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