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Roles and Responsibilities – Journals

Find out what you can expect from the journal hosting service and understand your editorial obligations.

Edinburgh University Library will:

  • Provide the service free of charge on the condition that journal requirements can be met without additional cost or time to the Library
  • Host the journal on the Library’s Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform, perform updates and daily backups, and ensure long-term preservation
  • Provide technical support as needed
  • Provide limited customisation of the new journal site
  • Assess requests for site features and functionality and investigate whether they can be accommodated using existing OJS capabilities
  • Provide advice and support to help editors set up their journal and develop journal policies
  • Provide documentation and initial training on using OJS. Additional training can be provided as required for new editors
  • Provide advice and best practice guidelines on issues pertaining to academic publishing
  • Provide guidance on the publication of full-text HTML, multimedia files and supplementary material
  • Consult with experts in the Library to offer copyright advice
  • Apply for an ISSN on behalf of the journal
  • Manage, and pay for, Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) through the Library’s Crossref member account. DOIs will have the Library’s prefix
  • Provide access to usage statistics and set up a Google Analytics account for the journal. Please note, the Library may make appropriate use of the statistical data
  • Apply for inclusion in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and help the journal meet the requirements for being awarded the DOAJ Seal of Approval for Open Access Journals
  • Work with editors to identify and apply to suitable abstracting and indexing services and bibliographic databases to increase the visibility and discoverability of the journal

Journal Editors will:

  • Have complete editorial control over the journal and the content published in it
  • Be responsible for updating the journal website and managing the editorial and production workflows, including:
    • submissions
    • peer review
    • copyediting
    • proofreading
    • page layout
    • typesetting
    • handling illustrations and multimedia files
  • Publish content online, ensuring bibliographic information is complete and correct
  • Manage journal promotion, including any social media accounts
  • Confirm they agree to follow policies that the Library requires as standard – guidance will be provided as needed:

    • the hosted journal is fully Open Access
    • the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines are followed
    • the journal site includes a Take Down policy, a statement regarding publication charges and a note on copyright and permissions – see example of a Journal Policies page
    • for journals that use DOIs, the article DOI is included in the full-text PDF and authors are asked to add DOIs to the list of references
  • Ensure published content does not infringe third-party copyright and that publishing practices comply with privacy legislation including GDPR – the Library reserves the right to make published items temporarily unavailable while we investigate complaints
  • Publish content as per the journal’s publication schedule
  • Respond to communications from the Library in a timely fashion
  • Inform the Library of any significant changes in the management of the journal
  • Provide names and contact details for two individuals who will be the primary contacts – at least one primary contact has to be based at the University of Edinburgh
  • Provide the name of the School with which the journal is affiliated – the School will be listed as the publisher of the journal
  • Seek the support of their School in publishing the journal – this is mandatory for student-led journals and recommended for academic-led journals
  • Have a succession plan in place – this is mandatory for student-led journals and recommended for academic-led journals

Leaving the Service

In the event that a journal ceases publication or moves to a different platform, the Library reserves the right to keep published journal content available on the hosting platform and/or via the institutional repository. We will help Editorial teams manage the transition provided sufficient notice is given.

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