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Resource purchase requests

Academic staff may use the relevant online form for their College to request the purchase of books and resources for Library collections . Currently-registered students may make purchase suggestions for Library collections to support their University study and research by using the Request a Book Service (RaB) for students.

Purchase requests for teaching resources in 2021/22

The way in which new teaching resources are purchased has changed

Providing students with access to resources to support teaching and learning is one of the Library’s core objectives. Throughout 2021/22 access to Library resources for teaching will be provided through:

  • Online Resource Lists for all appropriate courses
  • Prioritisation of online access to Library resources for Essential and Recommended course readings
  • The acquisition of online content where required, including eTextbooks where available, to provide access to key texts on a course


From 16 July Course Organisers will use their Resource List to request the acquisition of new resources to support their teaching and these purchase request forms will only be used for items which are related to research or other non-teaching purposes.


If you wish to add new teaching resources which are not already held by the Library in time for the start of Semester please add new titles to your Resource List and  send it for review by  5 July (Semester 1) 18 October (Semester 2).


If the Semester deadline has passed, you can still request new items for teaching using your Resource List

Requests received by the Semester deadlines will be prioritised. All other requests will be prioritised by date received.


If you wish the Library to purchase additional teaching resources throughout the year, please add these to your Resource List and send your list for review.

Help on how to use your Resource List to submit a purchase request.


If you do not have a Resource List and would like the Library to set up a list for your courses, please send your list to the Library using the online form or contact




New subscription requests- if you would like to recommend a new library subscription (e.g. for a journal or database), please do not use these forms - contact your Academic Support Librarian in the first instance.

Support Services staff - if you are not an academic member of staff but would like to suggest purchase of a resource for addition to the Library collections, please contact the Acquisitions Team via the IS Helpdesk (   Please note that we have an e-preference policy, so will acquire an e-book rather than a print copy where digital versions are available.   If you wish to purchase a  book or other resource as a working tool (rather than for adding to Library collections), you should purchase this via your departmental operational budget.


Student Request a Book (RaB)

Students can use this service to request purchase of books and other resources to be added to the Library collections to support their University study and research.

Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences (Staff)

Staff purchase requests for the College of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

Medicine & Veterinary Medicine (Staff)

Staff purchase requests for College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine.

Science & Engineering (Staff)

Staff purchase requests for College of Science & Engineering.

For enquiries about the Resource Purchase Request service, please contact the Acquisitions Team via the IS Helpline

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