Information Services

Copyright and Interlibrary Loans

Information on copyright restrictions and requesting Inter Library loans for commercial purposes.

Terms and conditions

The British Library's Library Privilege Photocopy Service provides copies for non-commercial use, and there should be no financial gain arising from the use of the copy supplied. Copies are provided for the personal use of the individual submitting the request and must not be duplicated or distributed to any other people

For each photocopy request, you are required to agree to the terms and conditions of the British Library's Library Privilege Photocopy Services.

Copyright limits

As a general rule, ILL can provide a copy of:


One article or 10% (whichever is the greater) from a single journal part.

One chapter or 10% (whichever is the greater) from a single monograph.

Copies supplied for commercial purpose or for distribution

If you require a copy for commercial purposes, where there will be some form of financial gain as a result of obtaining the copy, you will need to pay a copyright fee in addition to the basic ILL charge.

If you wish to distribute the article to colleagues or students, this falls outside the Library Privilege Service and therefore a copyright fee will be charged in addition to the basic ILL charge

If you wish to purchase such a copyright-fee-paid copy, please indicate this on your request. We will then notify you of the exact copyright fee (usually about £5.00 + VAT, but often considerably more) and ask you to confirm that you are happy with the charges. The copyright fee is in addition to the charge made for the ILL request and will be counted against your quota of free requests.