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Submission deadlines 2022-2023

Details of the timetable for submitting your digitisation requests to the Library.

If you have a Resource List for your course the deadlines for submission of lists are the same as those below. 

For courses not using a Resource List:

Courses starting Deadline
Semester 1 4 July 2022
Semester 2 24 October 2022
Requests received by the deadline

We aim to process all requests received by the deadline in time for the course start date, copyright issues permitting. There may be exceptions where copyright permission cannot be obtained, or where copyright costs are too high.

Requests received after the deadline

You should still submit your requests. Depending on demand, we may need to prioritise them, focussing initially on essential items. Any further prioritisation may take into consideration such factors as the size of the class and those items required for initial weeks of teaching.

Further information and help

For further information or help using the E-reserve service please contact either the E-reserve team or the Academic Support Librarian for your School.

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