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Covid-19: E-reserve service update

15 April 2020: The E-reserve team is currently unable to access the Library’s print collections. However, there are still a number of options available to source copyright compliant scans for teaching.

Checking for a suitable ebook

If teaching staff would like to make a key reading available online to students, the Library will first, in all cases, check for availability of a suitable ebook. If an ebook has a restricted licence, usual practice is to provide access to multiple copies of the ebook based on priority and student numbers. 

Sourcing copyright-compliant scans

If no ebook is available, we have a number of sources from which we can try to source a copyright compliant scan, including re-using existing scans (both our own archived scans and scans cleared by other Universities). For essential readings where we can source a scan, but the material requested is not covered by the CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency) Licence, then we can still pursue direct clearance through publishers if required, although it may be that an alternative reading would be preferable.

NB: as of 25 March 2020 the British Library’s Enhanced Higher Education Supply Service (EHESS) has been suspended, although it is hoped there may be a gradual reopening of the service during June andJuly.

Academics’ own copies

If teaching staff are able to provide a scan from their own copy or already have a scan of the chapter/pages required, please get in touch with the E-reserve team who will be able to advise if this can be used in teaching. Please do not provide access to your own scans without checking with the Library’s E-reserve team first. 

No scan/ebook available

If the Library is unable to source a copyright compliant scan we will work with you to source a suitable digital alternative for teaching.

Requesting new scans for teaching 

If you have a Resource List for your course, please contact to request any new scans of texts on your list or submit a request via your list in the usual way (using the ‘digitisation’ tag and library discussion).

If you don’t use Resource Lists, please email: 

IMPORTANT: When you make an ereserve request, please include the chapter title as well as page numbers as these can vary depending on the edition. 

Scanning limits

Remember, there are still limits to how much of a text can be scanned and not all materials are covered by the CLA licence. If a text is covered by the licence usual limits are 10% or one chapter (whichever is the greater).  As usual, in some cases, it may be possible to negotiate with the publisher for use of additional pages and/or chapters.  If you would like to request use of more than one chapter, please prioritise the chapters required when you make your request.  

More information

You’ll find more information on the Ereserve service on the University web pages  


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