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Course Reserve

Information and guidance for academics wishing to use Course Reserve.

To ensure the material you wish your students to use is available, the Library requires details of new titles and/or items for temporary transfer into Reserve from Standard or Short Loan collections.

Course Reserve

Reserve collections (three hour loan and overnight) are available in most Libraries, and Short (one week) Loan in some.

The books are selected from those most essential for undergraduate study and many are provided in multiple copies according to demand anticipated by academic staff.

It is possible to transfer, temporarily, copies from the Standard and Short Loan collections into the Reserve Collection. Please apply to the relevant library using the Reserve Transfer Form below.

Main Library Course Reserve forms should be returned to the HUB Team using the email address below.

High Use Books (HUB) Team

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All other Course Reserve forms should be returned to the relevant Site Library.

Loan periods

Information for academic staff on recommended loan periods:


This loan period is recommended for heavy-demand items required by groups of students, especially undergraduate students. This is not so convenient for items required by postgraduate students, since they tend not to be on campus as much as undergraduates.

Items on reserve can be borrowed for three hours, or overnight from three hours before the library closes for the day, or for library vacation periods.

Short Loan

This loan period is recommended for less intensively used undergraduate texts and for some texts for postgraduate courses. The loan period is seven days.

Standard Loan

This loan period is recommended for general or background reading materials. Items on this loan period can be borrowed for four weeks by undergraduate students and twelve weeks by postgraduate students and staff.


The E-reserve service scans material on behalf of course organisers for use in teaching.

It is possible to use this facility instead of Offprints enabling students to have online access to course materials.

The Library’s E-reserve team will undertake copyright checking, copyright clearance and the scanning of material on behalf of course organisers.


Where an item on a course reading list is available to EUL in electronic format, paper copies of offprints will not be accepted for stock.

In some library sites, if there is no electronic version available, and subject to the CLA Comprehensive HE Licence (2008), one photocopy of an article from a journal or extract from a book may be submitted.

Each copy should be accompanied by a completed Reserve Offprint Form (see below).

Forms should be returned to the Service Desk or Helpdesk of the appropriate Library.


If further help is required Library staff will be pleased to assist. In the Main Library ask about procedures at the Helpdesk. Elsewhere, please contact your Academic Support Librarian.

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