Information Services

Using other libraries

University of Edinburgh students are able to use other university and public libraries.

If you are not based in Edinburgh or if you are not affiliated with another institution e.g. other university or NHS, then you may still be able to get access to other libraries in your area, if only for print resources or for a place to study.

Higher education libraries

We participate in the SCONUL Access Scheme, which allows students to access other higher education libraries across the UK. Through this scheme, staff and students of member institutions can get access to the libraries of other member institutions. You must register with the scheme through University of Edinburgh Library. Check that the library that you wish to visit is a member of the SCONUL Access scheme and accepts your user type, as not all libraries will. Some libraries may have restricted access.

Register with SCONUL Access

Information on other reciprocal access schemes available, such as SCURL, can be found on the Library website.

Other libraries

You may also use other libraries, including the National Library of Scotland, National Museums Scotland and the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Using other research libraries in Scotland

If the library you wish to visit is not covered by the schemes or agreements mentioned above then check that library's website or contact them directly to see what their access policies are, you may still be able to get some sort of access to the library.

Finding resources in other libraries

You can search the catalogues of most libraries online. There are also tools to search several library catalogues at the same time.