Information Services

Online resources

The library provides access to journals, ebooks, databases, newspapers, theses and more.

Accessing online content

Most online library resources require you to log in because they are not free; the University pays for subscriptions on behalf of members of the University. This is why you need an EASE username and password to log into many of these resources. However, you can search for open resources on DiscoverEd by selecting Show Only - Open Access in the filters.

For the most direct access to resources, use course or library links. If you try to access content from supplier websites, you may encounter difficulties.

Google Scholar and PubMed

You can connect Google Scholar and PubMed to your University of Edinburgh account, so that you can get direct links to material that is available online through the Library.

NHS Knowledge Network

If you work with NHS Scotland you can register for the NHS Knowledge Network, which gives access to a wide range of e-resources. When you register you will be given a username and password that is different to your EASE username and password.