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Law Library Occupancy Traffic Light System

Further details about the Law Library Occupancy Traffic Light System data and privacy.

We are providing a traffic light system accessed online as an indicator of how busy the Law Library is at any given time, which may be helpful when planning your visit.

Updated every 5 minutes, you can see here an indicator of occupancy based upon library entries and exits, using anonymised and aggregated card data recorded at the barriers. 

The data is derived from existing information sources: card identity recorded when the University card is used to enter and leave the library via the barriers.

Encryption methods and de-identification processes are used to ensure privacy is protected. Any identifiable data held within the system is rendered unidentifiable through the application of a secure crypto-hash and randomly assigned replacement de-identifier mechanism, prior to analysis both for real-time monitoring and scheduled reporting.

We have carried out a detailed privacy impact assessment, which has included reviews by our Data Protection Officer, as well as the Governance & Ethics Action Group on the Internet of Things Programme. We have also carried out a security assessment of the solution.

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