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Policy for child access to the University Library

This policy is intended to enable parents and carers accompanied by children to access the University Library and to ensure the safety of children.

The Policy is available below in HTML format; and is also available as a PDF - Policy for child access to the University Library


•       Library users are welcome to make a short visit to the University Library accompanied by their children under the age of 16 for the purpose of making an enquiry, borrowing/dropping off a book, or similar task. A longer stay, for example, for the purpose of study, is not allowed, other than in the designated Main Library Carer & Child Room, or to attend a pre-arranged appointment with members of University staff based in the Library. Parents and carers must keep continual and close supervision of their child (the child should be at their side throughout the visit). This is in accordance with the University Health & Safety Policy - Framework: Arrangements.

Health & Safety Guidance for Students/Young Persons

•       Risk assessments have been carried for children under 14. For the safety of children, the University Regulations do not permit a child to use any library equipment, including computing equipment, nor to use any device on the University wireless network.

•       In order to have a record of children in the building in case of emergency evacuation, the parent or carer must sign in with their child on entry at the library reception desk and sign out on exit. By signing, the parent accepts sole responsibility for their child, including their quiet behaviour, good conduct, safety and observation of library and other relevant regulations.

•       School pupils aged 14 to 16 may, under special circumstances and by arrangement with the library, obtain a Library Reference Card allowing independent access. Young persons aged 16 over are entitled to obtain a Library Reference Card by meeting the registration requirements.


Main Library Carer & Child Room