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Other access agreements

Access arrangements are also in place for certain groups and organisations.

Suspension to Library Membership

Due to Covid-19 access to the University libraries is restricted until further notice to : University Students, Staff, Official Visitors, NHS Lothian staff, Edinburgh Theological Seminary Staff & students (Free Church of Scotland College), Free Church of Scotland Ministers, retired ministers and staff, Church of Scotland Ministers, retired ministers & staff. It is not possible to apply to join the Library or renew membership as a Library member under any other category.

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School students

Associated institutions

Societies and other organisations

LEAPS students

English Language Education (ELE) students

Members of the Scottish Parliament

Church of Scotland and Free Church of Scotland

Corporate membership

Retired members of staff

Friends of the Library

EUSA staff

Services for external members

Although, as a University service the library is partly funded from central government, it is not a public library. The extent to which it can offer facilities to external users free of charge is limited.

The library can offer some services only on payment of subscriptions or fees, which are set at realistic but reasonable levels. Income derived from these subscriptions and fees is used to maintain and develop collections and services.