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Lothians Equal Access Programme for Schools (LEAPS)

LEAPS aims to promote social inclusion and equality of opportunity by facilitating increased participation and success in higher education of young people (in Edinburgh, the Lothians and the Scottish Borders). The University of Edinburgh, along with other higher education institutions in Edinburgh, is involved in the LEAPS Summer School.


Students attending the LEAPS Summer School can join Edinburgh University Library. You will have the same status as Edinburgh University undergraduates.

Membership Notes
External borrower Free. Membership lasts for duration of course.

What do I need to bring?

Membership Documentation
External borrower You will receive your University ID card through the LEAPS office. This will also act as your library card.

What does my card entitle me to?

Details of what your card entitles you to at the University Library can be found on the following page.

Further information

Your library card can be used in the Main Library and all site libraries.

Replacement cards (lost, stolen or expired)

If your external borrower's card is lost, stolen or damaged you can get it replaced at a card helpdesk for a £10 fee.