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Self-service laptops

In the Main Library and Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library, students can issue laptops to themselves using the self-service laptop cabinets.


The self-service laptop cabinets are available from the following locations: 

The High Use Books (HUB) Collection, located on the Ground Floor of the Main Library

The First Floor of the Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library


Students need to register to use the self-service laptop cabinets at the EdHelp Helpdesk. Once registered, Helpdesk staff can guide you through using the self service cabinet for the first time or follow the instructions on the self service cabinets.

Many buildings in the University have multiple wireless access points ensuring that students can be more flexible with their study patterns and not be restricted to using the 'fixed' Open Access Labs.

Wireless access points

In order to use the laptops, students should register for University of Edinburgh wireless and VPN services.

Register for wireless and VPN

All laptops come with a carry case, power cable, adaptor and information sheet.

How to renew laptops? 

Your laptop will be automatically renewed for up to 28 days from the initial issue date unless your account has been blocked. Renewals may not be possible during periods of high demand. 

Your laptop may also be renewed by yourself for up to 28 days from the initial issue date via your DiscoverEd library account.


  • Click on 'Sign in'.
  • Click on the 'University Login Users' option.
  • Once signed in, click on the drop down arrow next to your name and choose 'My Account'.
  • You will be shown your personal library account which will include any items you have on loan.
  • Click on 'Loans' and choose your laptop to 'Renew'.
  • Note the due date of your laptop that has been renewed.

Why can't I renew my laptop?

  • You cannot renew your laptop if you have an overdue recalled item on your library account. 
  • You cannot renew your laptop if you have fines of over £20 on your library account.
  • You cannot renew your laptop if you have already borrowed it for the maximum loan period (up to 28 days).

Are there other ways to renew my laptop? 


If you do not have the laptop with you, you can renew it at an EdHelp Helpdesk for up to 28 days from the initial issue date. You must have your University of Edinburgh card with you to do this.

Terms and conditions

  • The laptop is issued to you for 7 days (note due date and time) and will be automatically renewed for a maximum of 28 days from initial issue date unless your library account has been blocked.
  • Read the instructions given with the laptop, especially logging in and saving.
  • The laptop is for your sole use and must not be transferred.
  • The laptop must be returned to the EdHelp Helpdesk  where it was borrowed 5 minutes before it closes, on or before the due date.**
  • Report immediately to staff any damage noticed, or contact EdHelp
  • Replacement or repair charges may be incurred if the laptop and/or accessories are stolen, lost or damaged.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of the laptop and accessories whilst the machine is on loan to you. Please do not leave it unattended.
  • Overdue charges apply (£6 per day) or part thereof, so make sure to leave enough time to return it.

**Note: at Main Library Reception there is a limited capacity to store Main Library laptops brought for return when the Helpdesk is closed. These cannot be renewed and will remain on your library record until checked and discharged by Helpdesk staff. You will not be able to issue another laptop until this is done.


If you have a self-service laptop-related enquiry please visit the EdHelp Helpdesk in the Main Library or Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library.

Alternatively, you can contact EdHelp.

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