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Medium and long term laptop loan service for students in hardship

Laptops are still available for both medium and long term loans

In order to support the move to hybrid teaching, the University is supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students who are most in need with medium and long term laptop loans.  The loans are focused on those who do not have a device or their current device does not support teaching requirements.

The laptops are available to those who are:

  • care leavers
  • estranged
  • acting as a carer
  • in receipt of a University bursary based on household income
  • in receipt of discretionary and hardship funds
  • currently working from a tablet or phone to access lectures and teaching material
  • in severe financial difficulty unable to purchase or repair a laptop

The laptop loan system is for the purpose of providing a working primary device and not about upgrading from your existing device or obtaining a second device. This is to ensure these laptops help those who are most in need.

To be considered, please contact your local school student support, or Personal Tutor, or the EUSA Advice Place. Staff should send nominations via email to You will then be asked to complete a form to confirm the terms and conditions of the loan. Or if you have any queries, please contact the EdHelp team who are there to assist you.

  • Medium term is a single semester, long term is September to May although the loan can be extended for fully matriculated continuing students beyond May.
  • Laptops are on loan and remain the property of the University of Edinburgh. We reserve the right to recall the laptop if required
  • You will be expected to return the laptop and accessories at the end of the current Academic Year, or at the end of your time as a matriculated student at the University if you cease to be a student before the end of the Academic Year.
  • At the end of the Academic Year you will be will be expected to return your laptop and accessories to University premises and will be emailed guidance on how to do this.
  • Any correspondence relating to laptop loans will be sent by email to your University account.
  • You are responsible for the safety and security of the laptop and accessories whilst the machine is on loan to you. Please do not leave it unattended.
  • You must report any damage or loss of the laptop or accessories to the EdHelp Team as soon as you become aware of a problem. It may not always be possible to issue you a replacement, so please look after your laptop

Mi-Fi units: With the switch to predominantly online teaching, we recognise the importance of a reliable internet connection. We have acquired a number Mi-Fi units (personal Wi-Fi devices), which provide Wi-Fi to all wireless devices (smartphones, laptops, etc.). These are available to students in financial hardship. If your internet at home is not suitable for the demands of home learning, please refer to the Mi-Fi units self serve form or get in contact with EdHelp. Mi-Fi devices can be collected from both the Main Library in George Square or delivered via post, whichever is most suited to you. The borrowed units can then be kept for the remainder of your time as a student at the university.