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Returns, fines and notices

Books must be returned by the due time or the due date to the Library from which they were borrowed. Overdue books will incur fines.


The due date or time for a book is on the receipt from the self-issue machine. You can also view your loans and due dates by logging into your library account.

Standard Loan books and Short Loan books have a 1 day 'grace period' after the due date during which fines will not be incurred. If the item is returned after the grace period, fines are incurred for that whole period.

e.g a Standard Loan book that is 1 day overdue will incur no fine but which is 2 days overdue will incur 2 x 20p = 40p.

A Short Loan book that is 1 day overdue will incur no fine, but one which is 2 days overdue will incur 2 x 40p = 80p.


The rate of fines are listed in the tables below:

Overdue Short Loan 40p per day
Overdue Standard Loan 20p per day
Overdue Reserve Loan 2p per minute up to £25
Overdue Recalled item £1.00 per day
Maximum fines
Per item for Standard and Short Loans £10.00
Per item for Recalled items £10.00
Per item for Reserve items £25.00

Fines do not appear on your record until the overdue item(s) have been returned or renewed.

Fine Appeals

If you wish to appeal your fine, you can do this by completing the Online Fine Appeal form. Alternative formats are available on request from any Library Helpdesk or EdHelp desk. Our staff aim to reply by email within 8 working days. All forms are kept strictly confidential.

Online fine appeal form


Library notices are normally sent all year round by email. It is important to check your email regularly.


If you have any queries about fines: