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Where do I collect the item I have requested?

How, when and where you can collect an item you have requested.

Items will need to be collected from the library site you specified when requesting the item. The usual collection point will be the library where the item is usually located. However when you are making the request you will have the option of selecting an alternative collection site. Available options will be shown on the request form. 

University Collections Facilty (UCF) items can be collected at any site.

You will be notified when and where the item is available for you to collect and how long it will be reserved for you. A collection code will be provided to tell you where on the shelves you can find your requested items. Once you receive your email please allow 1 hour before collecting the item.

Requested items should be collected from the Requested items for collection shelves, and can be taken to a self-issue machine to be borrowed. Only the person who has requested the item can borrow it.

Requested item collection shelves are located in most Libraries near the Reserve books or in the HUB area. Look for the shelves edged with yellow tape saying Requested items for collection.

Main Library HUB area

You will not be able to remove the items from the HUB without borrowing them first.

Those with swipe cards (blue University ID cards and yellow external borrower cards) can access these Request shelves at any time the Main Library building is open.