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How to renew books

A guide to renewing your Library books, including information on how to renew books online.

If another user has placed a request on your book you cannot renew it. Otherwise:

  • All books (Standard Loan; Short Loan; HUB Short Loan but NOT Reserve) can be renewed for up to 36 months from the initial issue date before they need to be returned to the issuing Library.

Logging in to your library account

Your online library account lists the items you have borrowed with their due dates and you can also use it to access your personal e-Shelf.


  • Click on 'Sign in'.
  • Click on the 'University Login Users' option.
  • If you don't know your password please contact the IS Helpline or speak to a member of staff at a Library Helpdesk.
  • Once signed in, click on the drop down arrow next to your name and choose 'My Account'.
  • You will be shown your personal library account which will include any books you have on loan, historic loans, requests you have made, fines and any potential fines if you have overdue books.

Renewing your books

We automatically renew your loans, unless another user has requested them or your account has been blocked. Reserve books cannot be renewed.

We will continue to automatically renew your loans for a maximum of:

  • 36 months for HUB Short Loans, Short Loans and Standard Loans
  • 28 days for Laptops.

After this time you will need to bring your loans into the library if you wish to renew them.

You will receive an email if your loans are needed by someone else. Fines apply if you do not return items when asked, so it is important that you check your University email regularly.

Why can't I renew my books?

  • You cannot renew an item if it has been requested by another user.
  • You cannot renew items if you have fines of over £20 on your library account.*
  • You cannot renew items if they have already been borrowed for the maximum loan period.

*Outstanding Fines and Fees are shown on your library account. You can also view potential fines on any overdue books that are still on loan to you.

Are there other ways to renew my books?


  • If you do not have the books with you, you can renew books at any Library Helpdesk. You must have your University of Edinburgh card or library borrower's card with you to do this.

If there are any blocks on your library record these will need to be cleared before staff can renew books for you in-person or by phone.


If you have any problems when trying to renew your items:

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