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How to access e-resources

Current staff and current matriculated students of the University can access most licensed e-resources both on and off campus.

University Login

Whether you are on campus or off campus you should be able to log in to e-resources using your University Login, following the links embedded in our services e.g. DiscoverEd

University Login overview



Access to most Library e-resources (e-journals, e-books, databases etc.) is via EZproxy, which enables access both on and off campus. You will be asked for your University Login, and provided you remain within the same browser window you should not need to login again within the same session.

URLs that have been set up to enable remote access will start with


From time to time, you may receive an ezproxy error message.   A few users may receive an 'authorisation failed' error.


UK Access Management Federation

University Login via UK Access Management Federation is used where EZproxy is not an option. UKAMF is sometimes referred to as Shibboleth


Usernames and passwords

A very small number of publishers require that we use their username and password, rather than your University Login. There is a list of these resources here.



IP access and the VPN

IP authenticated access - if you are on campus you may opt to go directly to a supplier’s website, bypassing the University Login process. This should work provided you are on the University network, and provided the publisher has set up IP authenticated access. If you are off campus it is recommended that you follow links from our services. You also have the option to set up access to the University network using the VPN.



If you are in MyEd, select Library and then "Search and access library resources."


EndNote Click 

EndNote Click is an extension for Chrome browser that quickly tells you if you have access to a version of a journal article that you are looking at both on and off-campus. It detects when you are looking at an article’s page and if you have access, it will provide a link to the document. It covers both our subscription e-resources and open access e-resources. One nice feature of EndNote Click is that it automatically files away the pdfs you read in your own private locker, to help you organise your files. 

Sign up to EndNote Click  using the Edinburgh-specific URL

EndNote Click does not store your login credentials.


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