Information Services

Accessing e-resources

This section provides information on access to the Library's wide range of licensed e-resources provided for current staff and current matriculated students of the University to support teaching, learning and research. It provides important eligibility and copyright information relating to the use of e-resources. You are responsible for ensuring that you use these e-resources in accordance with the requirements outlined in this section. There is also information to help you solve common e-resource queries and problems.

How to access e-resources

Current staff and current matriculated students of the University can access most licensed e-resources both on and off campus.

Who can use e-resources?

University of Edinburgh current staff and currently matriculated students have access to a wide range of licensed e-resources for non-commercial use (i.e. for private research and study). Most of our e-resource licensing arrangements restrict the access we can provide to other types of Library users.

Copyright and e-resources

Access to e-resources is provided by the Library via licence agreements with publishers, and the materials provided by publishers are subject to copyright law.

Access to E-resources - FAQs

Frequently asked questions on access to e-resources.