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Main Library's 50th anniversary celebration

We are celebrating our 50th anniversary at our George Square location from September 2017 until August 2018. View a list of our anniversary events and activities while sharing your memories of the building during your time as a student, staff member or visitor.


Share your library memories

Do you have some favourite or funny memories from your time as a student, staff member or visitor to our Main Library? Share your memories here and they'll be part of library archives.

50 years of library memories

A selection of memories from staff and students, past and present - including events and exhibitions held during our 50th birthday year (September 2017-August 2018).

Events and activities

Find out more about our upcoming, current and past events, exhibitions and activities that celebrate our 50th anniversary of the library.

History of the library

While we're celebrating 50 years of the main library at George Square, the university library is actually older than the university. Find out more about our library before and after its George Square move in the 1960s.

Library blog

Are you a bibliophile and want to learn more about the exciting items in our collections? Check out our blog on everything from conservation, musical instruments and Venetian illustrations to creating resources lists and more.