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Collections for Russian studies at the University of Edinburgh.

The following description covers the printed materials only. Information on electronic resources can be found in the Databases section.

Most books and journals for Russian Studies are held in the Main Library, George Square. Some older books are located in the University Collections Facility (UCF) from where items can be requested. All the materials are listed in DiscoverEd.

Main Library

There are about 14,400 titles in the Russian language which are interfiled with the general collections according to subject classification. The titles are searchable in DiscoverEd by Romanised transliteration. Books that are classified in the Library of Congress (LC) scheme (e.g. PG3410 Spe.) are located on the 3rd floor (shelfmarks P-Z) and 2nd floor (shelfmarks A-N).

Older books that are classified in the Dewey decimal scheme (e.g. F .891733 Tol. Che.) are shelved on the 4th floor or at the UCF. Books stored in the UCF can be requested using DiscoverEd, the University’s Library Discovery Service .

Requesting items from the University Collections Facility

HUB collection

The High Use Books (HUB) collection, located on the ground floor of the Main Library, consists of HUB Reserve (3 hour loan) and HUB Short Loan (7 day loan) books as well as offprints. Undergraduate course books on Reserve for Russian studies are located in this collection.

Locations of other collections

Reference works such as dictionaries, encyclopaedias and bibliographies are classified in the LC scheme and interfiled with the general LC lending stock.

Manuscripts are held in the Centre for Research Collections.

CRC: manuscripts

Exam papers from session 1996/97 onwards are now available online.

Exam Papers Online