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International Relations

Some useful resources for International Relations are listed below.


American Foreign Relations since 1600: a guide to the literature

Access information: Access on campus.
Description: This is an e-book and annotated bibliography covering American International Relations throughout wars and presidencies.
Coverage: 1600 - 2007


 American Politics in the Early Cold War - Truman and Eisenhower Administrations, 1945-1961

Access information. Access on and off campus. The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 December 2021.
Description. This resource presents major White House files from the Truman and Eisenhower administrations. The centerpiece of the Truman files is the President's Secretary's file while the Eisenhower files are centered on the Confidential File and the Whitman File of the Eisenhower White House Central Files. The Cold War takes center stage in the Truman files on international relations and the stalling of Truman's Fair Deal program is documented in the files that pertain to domestic concerns. The Eisenhower files focus to a large degree on national defense and economic issues, two of the areas that Eisenhower had the most personal interest in.


Arab-Israeli Relations, 1917-1970: The Middle East Online, Series 1

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The database offers a wide range of primary source materials (including letters, minutes, reports and maps) at the National Archives, London, from the Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office and Cabinet Papers from the 1917 Balfour Declaration through to the Black September war of 1970-1, documenting the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict as well as British diplomacy towards Israel and the Arab States.


Archives Unbound

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Access on and off campus.


Archives Unbound presents topically-focused digital collections of historical documents that support the research and study needs of scholars and students at the college and university level. Collections in Archives Unbound cover a broad range of topics from the Middle Ages forward-from Witchcraft to World War II to twentieth-century political history. Collections are chosen for Archives Unbound based on requests from scholars, archivists, and students.

There are currently 265 collections in Archives Unbound, covering a large range of subject areas, and new collections are added every year. To see a full list of all the collections and what they cover click on Browse in the Your Collections box and you can either view as alphabetical list or browse by category. Alternatively, click here.


Access information: Access on and off campus.

Indexing and abstracting tool covering health, social services, psychology, sociology, economics, politics, race relations and education. Updated monthly, ASSIA provides a comprehensive source of social science and health information for the practical and academic professional. It contains records from over 500 journals published in 16 different countries, including the UK and US.

Detailed information about ASSIA

Coverage: 1987-present.
NHS Staff and other authorised users:  The Knowledge Network


Borders and Migration Studies Online

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Access on and off campus.  The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 December 2021


In 2015, the world recorded the largest number of displaced individuals in modern history. Across Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Europe, the environmental, financial, political, and cultural impacts of migrant populations and borderland disputes dominate headlines. Yet in order to contextualize modern crises, it is vital to understand the historical, geographic, demographic, economic, social, and diplomatic dimensions of past border and migration issues. Border and Migration Studies Online helps students and researchers understand today’s world through primary source documents, archives, films, and ephemera related to significant border areas and events from the 19th to 21st centuries.


Box of Broadcasts

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: BoB (Box of Broadcasts) enables all staff and students in subscribing institutions to choose and record any broadcast programme from 60+ TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are then kept indefinitely (no expiry) and added to a growing media archive (currently at over 1 million programmes), with all content shared by users across all subscribing institutions.


Chile and the United States: U.S. Policy toward Democracy, Dictatorship, and Human Rights, 1970–1990

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: This collection presents 2,842 once-secret, U.S. records--among them hundreds of declassified Top Secret CIA operational memos, cables, and reports--as well as records from the archives and courts of other nations tracing the U.S. role in Chile from the Nixon administration's covert efforts to block the election and inauguration of Salvador Allende, through the military takeover of September 11, 1973, to the end of Gen. Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship and his eventual arrest in London.


China Law Info (Chinese language version)

Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Also known as Beida fabao, China Law Info is a bilingual database for China legal documents and information. The database provides both the original Chinese version and the English translation of China laws and regulations, judicial cases, tax treaties, white papers, law journals and gazettes, as well as other China legal information such as legal news and legislative/regulatory updates. The database is updated daily. .
Note: The English version can also be accessed from the Chinese version by clicking the menu button ‘English’. All the English translations are accompanied by their original Chinese texts and the English and Chinese texts can be displayed side by side. All the documents can be read online or downloaded by clicking the ‘Download’ button in the top right corner.


Churchill Archive

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Until recently the only way to access this historical resource was to visit the Churchill Archives Centre in Cambridge, now researchers can browse the nearly 800,000 private letters, speeches, telegrams, manuscripts, government transcripts and other key historical documents within the archive.

Search the Churchill catalogue online, browse by topic and period and explore the people and places which appear in the archive.


CIA Family Jewels Indexed

Access information: Access on and off campus.

The work of the National Security Archive's efforts over 15 years to obtain the CIA's most closely held secrets about their domestic intelligence activities conducted at the height of the Cold War, through 1973. Among the most controversial documents ever compiled by the Central Intelligence Agency, the "Family Jewels" represents the CIA's own view, in 1973, of those domestic activities it had engaged in up to that time that were outside its charter, hence illegal.


The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

Access information: Access on and off campus. 

The Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962 (from the Digital National Security Archive) presents an integrated, comprehensive record of U.S. decision making during the most dangerous U.S.-Soviet confrontation in the nuclear era.

Much of the documentation focuses on U.S. decision making during what Robert Kennedy called the "Thirteen Days" of the missile crisis—from McGeorge Bundy's October 16, 1962 briefing of President Kennedy on the discovery of Soviet missiles in Cuba to Nikita Khrushchev's October 28 decision to withdraw the weapons.

The numerous intelligence reports, diplomatic cables, political analyses, military situation reports, and meeting minutes included in the set portray both the deliberative process and the execution of critical decisions made by the Kennedy administration during the crisis.


The Cuban Missile Crisis: 50th Anniversary Update

Access information: Access on and off campus.

This is a rich update consisting the latest declassified documentation on the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, supplementing the DNSA’s collections, with never-before-published records from U.S. and Soviet archives, highlights from the archive of Anastas Mikoyan - the Soviet leader who negotiated the end of the crisis, U.S. Navy tracking reports, briefing documents for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and formerly classified U.S. intelligence materials. Also in this update are 4 volumes of the CIA’s internal history of the Bay of Pigs invasion of 1961.


Current Digest of the Russian Press

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Founded in 1949, The Current Digest was first published as The Current Digest of the Soviet Press (1949-1991), followed by The Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press (1992-2010), and now The Current Digest of the Russian Press since January 2011 (from issue No. 3, Vol. 63).

Each week the Current Digest presents a selection of Russian-language press materials, translated into English.

The translations are intended for use in teaching and research. They are therefore presented as documentary materials without elaboration or comment, and state the opinions and views of the original authors, not of the publisher of the journal.

Coverage: 1949-current.


The Database for the History of Contemporary Chinese Political Movements, 1949-

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Access on or off campus.


The database provides full-text primary source materials relating to the Chinese political movements after the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949: the Political Campaigns in the 1950s from Land Reform to Public-Private Cooperation (1949-1956), the Anti-Rightist Campaign (1957–), the Great Leap Forward and the Great Famine (1958-1964), and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). Sources include government documents, directives, bulletins, speeches by Mao Zedong and other officials, major newspaper and magazine editorials, and other types of documents. All the documents are in Chinese, but the database platform can be switched to English where document titles can be browsed in English.

Further details: For more information on this database, please visit the Chinese University Press website.


Access information: Access on and off campus.

This resource consists of expertly curated, and meticulously indexed, declassified government documents covering U.S. policy toward critical world events – including their military, intelligence, diplomatic and human rights dimensions – from 1945 to the present. Each collection is assembled by foreign policy experts and features chronologies, glossaries, bibliographies, and scholarly overviews to provide unparalleled access to the defining international issues of our time.

The University's access includes the following databases:

For a complete description of each database, please see the individual entries on the alphabetical databases pages.


Documents on British Policy Overseas

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Documents on British Policy Overseas offers researchers the opportunity to see beneath the surface of the major events of the twentieth century. Users can access contemporary accounts and follow the detailed exchanges that shaped British foreign policy from the origins of the First World War and beyond.


Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports Archive

Access Access on and off campus. The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 December 2021.
Description Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Reports Archive provides detailed coverage of political, economic, and commercial developments covering all countries from 1952 to 1995. Comprehensive quarterly overviews allow researchers to gain a thorough understanding of an event, policy, or development. In addition to the highly regarded, impartial insight from EIU researchers, each report contains tables with detailed country-level statistics downloadable to Excel.
Coverage 1952-1995.


Electronic Surveillance and the National Security Agency: From Shamrock to Snowden

Access Access on and off campus.
Description A collection of leaked and declassified records documenting U.S. and allied electronic surveillance policies, relationships, and activities. It serves as an addition to several National Security Archive documents sets - including those on U.S. Intelligence and the National Security Agency. The records provide information on the limitations imposed on electronic surveillance activities, organizations, legal authorities, collection activities, and liaison relationships.


Access information: Access on and off-campus.

Foreign Office Files for China provides access to the digitised archive of British Foreign Office files dealing with China, Hong Kong and Taiwan between 1919 and 1980. The complete files consist of six parts. We have purchased full content for the following six parts: 1919−1929: Kuomingtang, CCP and the Third International; 1930−1937: The Long March, Civil War in China and the Manchurian Crisis; 1938-1948: Open Door, Japanese war and the seeds of communist victory; 1949-1956: The Communist revolution; 1957-1966: The Great Leap Forward; 1967-1980: The Cultural Revolution.

The formerly restricted British government documents include diplomatic dispatches, letters, newspaper cuttings, maps, reports of court cases, biographies of leading personalities, summaries of events and other diverse materials.  More information on this resource can be found at


1919−1929: Kuomingtang, CCP and the Third International.

1930−1937: The Long March, Civil War in China and the Manchurian Crisis.

938-1948: Open Door, Japanese war and the seeds of communist victory.

1949-1956: The Communist revolution.

1957-1966: The Great Leap Forward.

1967-1980: The Cultural Revolution.


Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy 

Access information: Access on and off campus. The library's subscription to this resource expires 31 December 2021.
Description: Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy covers the U.S. involvement in the region from the early days of the Kennedy administration, through the escalation of the war during the Johnson administration, to the final resolution of the war at the Paris Peace Talks and the evacuation of U.S. troops. Along the way, documents in this module trace the actions and decisions at the highest levels of the U.S. foreign policy apparatus, as well as events on the ground in Vietnam, from the perspective of State Department officials, Associated Press reporters, and members of the U.S. Armed forces, including the Marines and the Military Assistance Command Vietnam.
Coverage: 1960-1975.


House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

Access information:

Access on and off campus.

Description: The 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers contains bibliographic records and searchable full text for papers printed between 1688-2014. It also includes Hansard 1803-2005.
Further information: The collection does not include the House of Commons Journal, or daily business papers, such as Order papers and Votes and Proceedings, nor does it include Acts.  User guide located at



IBSS (International Bibliography of Social Science) Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.

Produced by the British Library of Political and Economic Science, International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS) is an essential online resource for social science and interdisciplinary research focusing on the four core social science subjects of anthropology, economics, politics, and sociology. IBSS includes over 2.5 million bibliographic references to journal articles, books, reviews and selected chapters dating back to 1951. Over 2,800 journals are regularly indexed and some 7,000 book and chapter records are included each year. Abstracts are provided for around 80% of all current journal articles and users can link to the full text of articles in journals subscribed to by the University of Edinburgh.



Access Information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The documents in this collection include every exhibit released by the official investigations of the Iran-Contra Affair, including the Senate Intelligence Committee, the Tower Commission, the joint select Congressional committees, and the Independent Counsel. Iran-Contra focuses on the period from Fall 1983, when Congress first put limits on official U.S. assistance to the Contras, to the criminal indictments of Oliver North, Richard Secord, and Albert Hakim in Spring 1988.


Access Information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The collection brings together a wealth of materials which trace U.S. policy toward Iraq prior to the Persian Gulf War, as well as U.S. government reactions to revelations about the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) scandal and the secret arming of Saddam Hussein's regime. The set also focuses on the economic issues at play in the U.S. relationship with Iraq. Documents are derived from virtually every federal agency involved in U.S.-Iraq policy and the BNL affair.


JFK's Foreign Affairs and International Crises, 1961-1963

Access: Access on and off campus.
Description: This collection provides insight into President Kennedy’s views and actions on The Bay of Pigs, Support of Third World countries, Nuclear weapons and testing, NATO and the Multilateral Force in Europe, The international space race, and more.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Full-text journal archive service providing access to complete back runs of all the scholarly journals currently available in JSTOR. Recent volumes are excluded, usually the last 3-5 years, but each year a further year is added to the archive. Each title is listed in DiscoverEd.

The collections currently available are:

  • Arts & Sciences 1-15;
  • Biological Sciences;
  • Health & General Sciences;
  • Ireland;
  • Lives of Literature;
  • Life Sciences;

The 19th Century British Pamphlets Collections is also available via JSTOR.  Userguides to the various collections can be found at


Access Information: Access on and off campus.

This collection documents Kissinger's conversations with top officials in the Nixon and Ford administrations, senior officials as well as noted journalists, ambassadors, and business leaders close to the White House.

Topics range widely, including detente with Moscow, the Vietnam War, the Jordanian crisis (1970), rapprochement with China, the Middle East negotiations, U.S.- European relations, U.S-Japan relations, the Cyprus crisis, and the unfolding Watergate crisis.


Access: Access on and off campus.
Description: These documents cover Kissinger's time in office as National Security Adviser and then Secretary of State. Some three quarters of the 2,163 declassified documents in this collection were produced by Kissinger and his assistants on the National Security Council Staff. Even after Kissinger became Secretary of State, he relied on the NSC system for keeping meeting records, especially of the most sensitive matters such as relations with Beijing and Moscow, Middle East diplomacy, or meetings with the president.
Coverage: 1969-1977


Access information: Access on or off campus
Description: Free-at-the-point-of-use images, video and audio content licensed for educational and research use accessed from a single interface. Collections included cover a range of subject areas.

Includes access to Getty Images and a range of newsreels including, ITN, Gaumont, British Paramount, Channel 4 and Reuters. Also material from Imperial War Museum, Wellcome Library, Royal Geographical Society & St George's Hospital Medical School, plus various Art & Design collections. Resouces include streamed videos and digital images.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Migration to New Worlds explores the movement of peoples from Great Britain, Ireland, mainland Europe and Asia to the New World and Australasia. From government-led population drives during the early nineteenth century through to mass steamship travel, it showcases unique primary source material recounting the many and varied personal experiences of migration. Most material comes from the period 1800-1924, the ‘Century of Immigration’, but there is some earlier and later material included as well. Explore Colonial Office files on emigration, diaries and travel journals, ship logs and plans, printed literature, objects, watercolours, and oral histories.


National Security Archive Index

Access information: Single user CD-ROM workstation, Main Library.
Description: A database of the 12 collection indexes and guides included in The Making of US Policy series produced by the National Security Archive. It covers topics such as Afghanistan, the Berlin Crisis, the Cuban Missile Crisis, El Salvador, the Iran-Contra Affair and Nicaragua.


News, Policy & Politics Magazine Archive

Access information:

Access on or off campus.


Offering full runs of 15 major 20th-century titles, in full-color, page-image format. News, Policy and Politics Magazine Archive makes newly available and accessible these key sources, for which the archival print issues have not consistently been retained by libraries. Titles include Newsweek, UN Chronicle, NATO Review and New Internationalist.

Coverage: 1918-2015


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The British Politics and Society archive of Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO) is packed with primary source documentation that enhances a greater understanding and analysis of the development of urban centers and of the major restructuring of society that took place during the Industrial Revolution. The archive is composed of a number of individual collections, drawn together from a variety of sources.


OECD iLibrary

Access information: Access on-campus. Access off-campus currently via VPN only.
Description: The iLibrary provides access to a substantial amount of free content, including the OECD Factbook, OECD Working Papers, Key Tables, Multilingual Summaries and most 'At a Glance' publications.
Alternative source: Not all content is subscribed to. An alternative source is the UK Data Service's UKDS.Stat service.
Alternative source: Access to full content available from the National Library of Scotland. Registration required. Please note your main address must be in Scotland


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: Complete text of scholarly books published by Oxford University Press in the subject areas below.
Coverage: Biology, Business & Management, Classical Studies, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Palliative Care, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Religion, Social Work and Sociology. We have access to over 17,000 e-books.


Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: This resource covers issues in the public debate through selective coverage of a wide variety of international sources including journal articles, books, government documents, statistical directories, grey literature, research reports, conference papers, web content, and more. PAIS International is the current file covering 1972 to present. Topics covered include: Economic conditions, Education, Energy resources and policy, Government, Health conditions, Human rights, International Relations, Labor conditions and policy, Politics, Social conditions, Civil rights movement.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) remains the best-known of the Chamberlain family due to his controversial policy of "appeasement" towards Hitler. The Papers of Neville Chamberlain contain political papers documenting his policies as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister, but also highlight his personal correspondence with his family. These provide insight into the intentions behind his policies, his concerns at the development of the Second World War, as well as letters covering his life together with his wife Annie and his sisters, particularly Hilda and Ida. The correspondence of his wife with his biographer and the handling of his estates following his death can be found in this collection as well.


Political Science Complete

Access information Access on and off campus.
Description: Political Science Complete provides nearly 340 full-text reference books and monographs and more than 44,000 full-text conference papers, which includes those from the International Political Science Association. The database also provides a subject-specific thesaurus with more than 23,500 terms to provide subject searching guidance to researchers. Subject coverage includes comparative politics, humanitarian issues, international relations, law and legislation, non-governmental organizations and political theory.
Coverage: 1965 - present.


Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt through to Richard M. Nixon all secretly recorded many of their conversations in the Oval Office. The resulting 5,000 hours of telephone and meeting tape recorded during their time in the White House capture some of the most significant moments in modern American political history. From Birmingham to Berlin, from Medicare to My Lai, from Selma to SALT, and from Watts to Watergate, the presidential recordings offer a unique window into the shaping of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. This history is now accessible via the Presidential Recordings Digital Edition (PRDE), the online portal for annotated transcripts of the White House tapes published by the Presidential Recordings Program (PRP). The transcripts are presented in PRDE alongside the corresponding audio, enabling users to read and listen to these conversations simultaneously. The database currently has recordings and transcripts from Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon and the site is updated regularly.


ProQuest Congressional

Access information:

Access on or off campus. The Library's subscription to this resource expires 31 December 2021.


ProQuest Congressional offers a comprehensive collection of congressional documents from 1789 to the present. This primary source collection offers you an opportunity to understand the present by comparing today’s events and opinions with trends and patterns throughout our nation’s history. The Library has access to the following collections through ProQuest Congressional:

  • Congressional Basic.
  • Congressional Hearings Digital Collection Historical Archive, Parts A-C (1824-2010).
  • Congressional House and Senate Unpublished Hearings, Parts A-C (1973-1992).
  • Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection, Parts A-D (1789-2009).
  • Congressional Research Digital Collection Historical Archive, Parts A-B (1830-2010).
  • Digital U.S. Bills and Resolutions, 1789-2013.
  • Executive Branch Documents, Parts 1-5 (1789-1948).
  • Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations, 1789-Present.
  • U.S. Serial Set 1 Digital Collection, 1789-1969.
  • U.S. Serial Set 2 Digital Collection, Parts A-D (1970-2010).
  • U.S. Serial Set  Maps Digital Collection Complete.
Coerage: 1789 - present.


Public Information Online

Access information:

Access on campus or off campus.

Description: Public Information Online contains material from the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament, Northern Ireland Assembly & Scottish Government Papers. PIO contains a Bill Tracker for the UK Parliament, Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly. This service is provided by Dandy Booksellers and is updated daily.
Coverage: UK Parliament (House of Commons- Papers 1998 onwards and Bills 1919 onwards, House of Lords Papers and Bills 1901 onwards, Command Papers 1955 onwards, Public Bill and General Committee Debates 1919 onwards, House of Commons and House of Lords Hansard 1909 onwards, Public General Acts 1901 onwards), Scottish Parliament (from session 3), Northern Ireland Assembly (from 2008/09 session), National Assembly for Wales (2008 onwards), Key non Parliamentary Publications in Education, Health, Charities, Defence, Transport and the Civil Service Yearbook (1947 onwards).  
Additional information: Please note that House of Commons / House of Lords Hansard volumes from 1909 can be searched and viewed online on Public Information Online, but not downloaded. Please see House of Commons Parliamentary Papers and House of Lords Papers for this functionality.


Access Information: Access on and off campus

Content from SAGE publisher (some unique to SRM) on the steps involved in a research project. Full range of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods for the social and behavioural sciences, as well as many methods commonly used in the hard sciences.

Topics: Key concepts in research, Philosophy of research, Research ethics, Planning research, Research design, Data collection, Data quality and data management, Qualitative data analysis, Quantitative data analysis,  Writing and disseminating research.


1000+ books, case studies, datasets, encyclopaedias and journal articles, as well as features, such as the Methods Map visual browse tool using a custom taxonomy of 700+ methods terms.  Over 900 videos.  


Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: The SHAFR Guide Online: An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1600 is a near-comprehensive, 2.1 million-word online annotated bibliography of historical work covering the entire span of U.S. foreign relations. It aims to jump-start the research of both students from high school to graduate school as well as the most advanced scholars. The SHAFR Guide Online should be the first place to which researchers turn when establishing a bibliography, whether it be about US-Latin American relations in the 19th century, World War II, or US-China/East Asia relations since the Vietnam War


Access information: Access on and off campus.
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  Or, use Alternative login (with the VPN service if off campus) and choose Web of Science Core Collection from "All Databases" drop down menu.
Description: Part of Web of Science Core Collection. Indexes 2,100 core journals in all areas of the social sciences, plus relevant items from 3,500 scientific and technical journals. Contains over 2.3 million records.
Coverage: 1990 onwards.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The “Summaries of EU legislation” website presents the main aspects of European Union (EU) legislation in a concise, easy-to-read and unbiased way. It provides approximately 3 000 summaries of European legislation, divided into 32 subject areas corresponding to the activities of the European Union.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Abstract and citation database containing both peer-reviewed research literature and quality web sources.  Contains over 16 million author profiles, 70,000 institutional profiles, 5000 publishers, 70 million records, 1.4 billion cited references, covers over 20,000 journals from health, life, physical and social sciences and the humanities.
Coverage: For some subject areas, from 1788 onwards.  
Note: The University of Edinburgh's Affiliation ID is 60027272 (used for configuring Papers 3 for Mac to work with Scopus).
Note: If you would like to register to receive personalised searches, alerts etc then select "Other Institution login", then add "Edinburgh" to the search box to find the University of Edinburgh log in link, select the Shibboleth option if requested.


TV Rain Video Archive

Access information:

Access on and off campus. For off campus, please use the VPN - Access to the University network via the VPN.


TV Rain is Russia’s only independent television channel. The TV Rain Video Archive holds thousands of TV programmes, reports and interviews about today’s Russia. 


U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part I: 1954-1968

Access information: Access on and off campus.

This collection documents the deadliest conflict in modern U.S. history prior to the current war against terrorism. The goal was to assemble both classic and relatively well-known documentary sources as well as the most recent declassified materials, making a single comprehensive resource for primary substantive research on the Vietnam conflict. The principal focus of this collection is on the period of the Vietnam War between 1961 and 1968.


U.S. Policy in the Vietnam War, Part II: 1969-1975

Access information: Access on and off campus.

This is the most important compilation of documents available on the final phase of the Vietnam War. Incorporating newly released documents, virtually all previously classified, it covers all the major issues from the period, including diplomatic, military, and intelligence aspects of the Vietnam war during the period of the Nixon and Ford administrations.


Very Short Introductions - Social Science

Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: Online version of Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introductions series. Written by experts in the field they offer a bridge between reference content and higher academic work.
Coverage: The Social Sciences collection is available to University of Edinburgh, which includes anthropology, business & management, economics, education, human geography, politics, research & information, sociology and war & defence.