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Useful online resources for learning anatomy.

Acland Anatomy Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: High quality videos of Human Anatomy which use fresh, unembalmed specimens to retain the colour, texture and mobility of the living human body. Search or browse by structure.  Links can be made to specific points of relevance in the videos. A concise synchronised narration runs throughout and transcripts are available for download. There are self-assessment exams covering all topics.


Access Information:

Access on and off campus - select Shibboleth login option off campus

Description: A multimedia 3D anatomy learning resource with interactive modules, animations and quizzes on organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems. There are four principal sections of Anatomy.TV:
  • 3D Atlas supports learning of gross anatomy with interactive 3D models, learning how to interpret clinical images, and preparation for dissection.
  • 3D Real-time allows you to create and save your own models of anatomical structures, useful for revision or teaching.
  • Functional Anatomy and Therapy supports learning about movement, muscle action, and correct exercise practice.
  • Anatomy and Physiology supports learning about anatomical structure and function in 20 self-paced modules.


Complete Anatomy by 3D4Medical

Access information: Access on and off campus (requires application to be downloaded - see notes for instructions)

Interactive 3D anatomy learning resource. Complete Anatomy includes: layering of anatomical elements; interactive labelling; animations; courses & videos, quizzes and other tools.


In order to gain access, you need to register while on campus, or if you are off-campus with Virtual Private Network (VPN) enabled. 

To set up the VPN on your device, see:

To get started;

  1. Download the Complete Anatomy 2022 app via the Apple, Microsoft or Google app stores.
  2. Register in-app while on-campus or using VPN while off-campus. After registration, the app may be used off-campus without VPN.
  3. Open the app and complete the “sign up for free” process using your university email address
  4. Open Settings, My Account and enter your University Activation Code (Click here for University Activation Code)


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