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Access on and off campus. 

Due to a change in Chinese law,  there could be some further restrictions on content in CAJ on 31/3/23. For further info, please see Chinese_regulatory_actions_impact_map.indd (

NB: Due to changes in Chinese law, CNKI will be required to update its licenses with Chinese journal publishers to confirm that individual authors affirm their permission for content to be redistributed in database form in certain circumstances. 495 of the total 10,110 journals appearing in CAJ are impacted. A title list detailing the impacted journals can be found on East View’s website here. CNKI has informed us that the contract exercise has commenced, and we are informed that content is being restored to public view as each publisher contract is amended in accordance with the new requirements. This process may vary greatly depending on the publisher and title lists will be updated as each is addressed. 30/01/2023


Full-text database of 10,243 China academic journals covering all subject areas in science, technology, medicine, arts, humanities and social sciences. The database consists of 10 series which are further divided into 168 subjects. Edinburgh University users have access to all these. Some journals date back to the first issue in 1915.  Articles are in simplified Chinese in PDF format. The database is fully searchable in simplified Chinese by article title, journal title, author, and keyword in the full texts across all the journals and all the subjects. Searching in English will also retrieve a certain number of articles which have English abstracts. The default database platform is in English, but you can easily switch it to the Chinese interface at the top right corner. User Guide is also downloadable from the button at the very top of the database screen.

Coverage: 1915 to present.
Note: The CNKI platform user manual can be found here.