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E-book Collections M to Z

The Library maintains a list of the main e-book collections to which we provide access. This page covers collections whose titles begin with M to Z.

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This series aims to meet a growing need amongst students and teachers of medieval history for translations of key sources that are directly usable in students' own work. It provides texts central to medieval studies courses and focuses upon the diverse cultural and social as well as political conditions that affected the functioning of all levels of medieval society. 

The basic premise of the series is that translations must be accompanied by sufficient introductory and explanatory material and each volume therefore includes a comprehensive guide to the sources' interpretation, including discussion of critical linguistic problems and an assessment of the most recent research on the topics being covered.


Access information: Access and off campus.
Description: Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO) is an essential resource for the study of Britain and its place in the world during the medieval and early modern period (c. 1100-1800). MEMSO contains a large repository of state papers, chronicles, accounts and correspondence from the archives of Britain, Ireland and continental Europe. Books and manuscripts are added to the database weekly. Printed sources are complemented by a collection of original manuscript images taken from the English State Papers held at the National Archives in London. The manuscripts are arranged for easy viewing, and are linked with corresponding printed sources wherever possible.


Access information: Access on campus.  Use VPN for off-campus access.
Description: Electronic community for the cognitive and brain sciences, which includes the full text of major reference works and over 750 MIT Press cognitive science books, full text of MIT Press journals in the field of cognitive and brain sciences, as well as a growing collection of other relevant books, journals and reference works from other participating publishers.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: We have access to the Foundations and Trends technology package.


Access information: Free access
Description: The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: An open access publisher, primarily for humanities and social sciences but now expanding into other disciplines. Over 60 e-books available.

Library membership provides students/staff or alumni with the right to freely download any digital edition format of any title from their website. Library Membership also provides a 15% discount (to staff/student/alumni) on any printed edition of their titles, purchased from their website.


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: OHO brings together the world’s leading scholars to discuss research and the latest thinking on a range of major topics. Each Handbook offers thorough introductions to topics and a critical survey of the current state of scholarship in a particular field of study, creating an original conception of the field and setting the agenda for new research. The articles review the key issues and major debates, and provide an original argument for how those debates might evolve.
Coverage: The following subject collections are available to the University of Edinburgh - Archaeology, Business & Management, Classical Studies, Criminology and Criminal justice, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion up to the end of 2016 copyright year.  If the chapters have 2017/18 updates, these will not be accessible.  Politics up to the end of 2017 copyright year.


Oxford Language Dictionaries

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Coverage: The following dictionaries are available: Arabic/English, English/Arabic, Chinese/English, English/Chinese, French/English, English/French; German/English, English/German; Spanish/English, English/Spanish; Italian/English, English/Italian, Russian/English, English/Russian.


Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: Oxford Medicine Online is an interconnected collection of online medical resources which cover every stage in a medical career. The site delivers the highest quality Oxford content while meeting the requirements of the busy student, doctor, or health professional working in a digital world. With online only videos, a robust updating program, self-testing functionality, downloadable images and much more - Oxford Medicine Online is a must for anyone needing authoritative information quickly.
Coverage: Clink the link “Browse all titles in your subscription” to see titles available to the University of Edinburgh.


Oxford Reference Online

Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The Oxford Reference Online Premium Collection is a vast collection of dictionaries and reference books offering almost 1.5 million facts and definitions, many of them illustrated. Updated at least 3 times a year with new titles, editions, factual corrections, features and functionality, the content ranges from concise definitions to in-depth articles on topics from Art to Zoology.  A title list can be found here  (July 2016).


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: Complete text of scholarly books published by Oxford University Press in the subject areas below.
Coverage: Biology, Business & Management, Classical Studies, Economics and Finance, History, Law, Linguistics, Literature, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Palliative Care, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Religion, Social Work and Sociology. We have access to over 14,400 e-books.



Access information: Access on and off-campus.
Description: The Past Master Series encompasses the largest collection of full-text electronic editions in philosophy in the world, in both the original language and in English translation. Combined with powerful web-based search and reference tools, the Past Masters series provides scholars with significantly-enhanced and highly-flexible access to the classic texts.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Full-text psychoanalysis resource of: 68 journals; 100 classic psychoanalytic books; editorial notes of the 24 volumes of the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud; 18 volume German Freud Standard Edition Gesammelte Werke and over 40 videos.
Coverage: 1871 onwards.  Access to all content on their website. 


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Access to all online books published by the RSC up to the end of 2018.


Access information: Available on and off campus.
Description: Over 4000 e-books available in Business & Management, Counselling, Criminology, Education, Geography, Health & Social Care, Media & Communication, Politics & International Relations, Psychology and Sociology.


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Content from SAGE publisher (some unique to SRM) on the steps involved in a research project. Full range of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods for the social and behavioural sciences, as well as many methods commonly used in the hard sciences.

Topics: Key concepts in research, Philosophy of research, Research ethics, Planning research, Research design, Data collection, Data quality and data management, Qualitative data analysis, Quantitative data analysis,  Writing and disseminating research.


1000+ books, case studies, datasets, encyclopaedias and journal articles, as well as features, such as the Methods Map visual browse tool using a custom taxonomy of 700+ methods terms.  Over 900 videos.  


Access information: Access on campus
Description: Sellier European Law Publishers has compiled a range of books in the field of European Union law, international commercial law and private international law. The authors and editors who publish with s.elp are well-known academics and practitioners from many different European countries. The collection includes all publications on the unique Common Frame of Reference, the complete series of the Principles of European Law and all volumes of the Yearbook of Private International Law.


Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: Searchable full-text of over 400 monograph publications from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.
Coverage: 1970s onwards.


Access information: Access on campus, or off campus via the VPN.
Description: The most extensive resource available on optics and photonics literature, providing access to most SPIE Journals, Conference Proceedings and e-books.
Coverage: 1962 onwards.


Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: The collection includes all Lecture Notes titles; plus all English language e-books published from 2005 to date.
  Individual titles will be listed in DiscoverEd, but it is also possible to search or browse the publisher's site to access material.


Springer Protocols (Springer website)

Access Information: Access on and off campus.  Also available at
Description: Used primarily in the life sciences, protocols provide individual sets of instructions to allow scientists to recreate experiments in their own laboratories. These documents provide written procedural methods in the design and implementation of experiments that describe the safety, bias, procedures, equipment, statistical methods, reporting, and troubleshooting standards to be used in order to successfully conduct the experiment.
Coverage: SpringerProtocols contains more than 50,000 protocols, most of which come from the classic book series Methods in Molecular Biology.  Copyright years 1980-2012 and 2014-2019.



Access information: Access on and off campus.
Description: Online collection of approximately 8000 papers drawn from around 600 books and journals in sustainability, CSR, corporate governance, ethics, environmental policy and management.
Coverage: All content published to end of 2017.


Access Information: Access on and off campus
Description: We have access to over 2700 e-books on the T&F e-book platform across all subject areas.  Also covers Routledge and CRC Press imprints.


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Access on and off campus

Description: University Press Scholarship Online provides access to over 24,500 key titles across over 25 subject areas in the humanities, social sciences, sciences, medicine, and law. Delivering academic monographic content from leading university presses, UPSO offers an unparalleled research tool, making disparately published scholarship easily accessible, highly discoverable, and fully cross-searchable via a single, online platform.
Coverage: Anthropology – Archaeology – Biology – Business and Management – Classical Studies – Computer Science – Economics and Finance – Education – Environmental Science – Film, Television, and Radio – History – Information Science – Law – Linguistics - Literature – Mathematics - Music – Neuroscience – Palliative Care – Philosophy – Physics – Political Science – Psychology – Public Health and Epidemiology – Religion – Social Work – Society and Culture – Sociology
Note: We do not have access to British Academy Press, Colombia University Press, Cornell University Press, Mississippi Press, New York University Press, North Carolina University Press,  Princeton University Press, University of Hawai'i Press, University of Illinois Press and University of Minnesota Press content on the UPSO website.


Very Short Introductions - Social Science

Access information: Access on and off campus
Description: Online version of Oxford University Press’s Very Short Introductions series. Written by experts in the field they offer a bridge between reference content and higher academic work.
Coverage: The Social Sciences collection is available to University of Edinburgh, which includes anthropology, business & management, economics, education, human geography, politics, research & information, sociology and war & defence.



Access information: Access on and off campus.  Choose Shibboleth login option.

This website hosts e-books from a variety of publishers.  The e-books are individually catalogued on DiscoverEd.  This website provides instructions on downloading to your device once you are logged in using Shibboleth.  Printing and downloading info is displayed at the title level for each book.

Accessibility info:


Access Information: Access on and off campus.  Off campus access is via VPN or select 'sign in' at top right of website, then 'log in via your institution'  then select UK Higher Education as Geographic region and then University of Edinburgh should appear as an option. You will then be asked for your EASE login.
Description: Wageningen Academic Publishers is an independent publishing company in the field of Life Sciences.
Coverage: Titles published from 2002 to 2017.
Access Information: Access on and off campus. 
Description: A collection of over 21,000 e-books and 1,400 e-journals.  Our titles are listed in DiscoverEd. Coverage across all subject areas.