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How do I find a book?

If searching for a known item e.g. book, journal article, etc., use a combination of title and author keywords.


You are looking for the following book:

Robson, C. (2011) Real world research: a resource for users of social research methods in applied settings. Chichester: Wiley.

In the search box enter:

Robson real world research users

Click on the book title to find out number of copies, location, shelfmark and availability of the book.

  • If there is an "Online access" link you can click on this to get access to the e-book. For some items we will have both the print (physical) copy and the e-book.
  • "X versions of this record exist" usually means more than one edition of the book is available at the Library. Click on the title or the "See all versions" link to see all editions.
  • When looking at an individual book record, the "Virtual Browse" link allows you to do a virtual shelf browse of other books the Library holds around the shelfmark of your item.

Too many results?

If you are getting a large set of search results and the book you are looking for is not immediately obvious in the search results list you can:

  • Add more keywords. For the example search above you could add more keywords from the title such as "resource", "social", "methods", etc.
  • Use the "Refine my results" options on the left-hand menu next to your search results list to refine your search. There are a number of options you can choose including by resource type, library site, publication date, subject area, etc.
  • Use the "ADVANCED SEARCH" option to perform your search instead.

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