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Can I request an item?

The library offers a request service for many of our items.

Important: Reduced Requesting Service - New College Library

Requesting from New College Library will not be available until the end of January 2020 due to the relocation of the library to David Hume Tower for essential renovations. The requesting service will return to normal once the moves are complete.


Items that can be requested will display a ‘Make a Request' button in the record on DiscoverEd.   You must be signed in to DiscoverEd to be able to request items.


Screenshot 1 of DiscoverEd Request Process


You may have a choice of libraries where you can pick up the item – you must select one of the libraries shown on the list.  All other sections of the form are optional.


Screenshot 2 of DiscoverEd Request Process


Once the item is available for collection you will receive an e-mail to let you know.  Items you request will be held for you for 5 days in the library you selected.

How long will it take for the item to be available?

  • If the item is shown as available we aim to have the item ready for collection from the library you have selected within 2 working days.
  • If the item is on loan there is likely to be some delay while the item is returned so it may be a few days before the item is available.
  • Look out for an e-mail informing you when the item is ready for collection.


Why can't I see the Make a Request button?

You may not see a Make a Request button because:

  • You are not logged in to DiscoverEd
  • You are not an Edinburgh University student or staff member (including NHS Lothian staff) and the item is available on the shelf
  • The library that holds the item does not offer requesting services
  • The item is in high demand and has a one week or 3 hour loan period
  • The library does not have a physical copy of the item.  Visit Library Resources Plus for alternative ways to access this title

For more information see Understanding the request options available


Why isn’t the library I want to collect from shown on the list?

  • The library does not offer requesting services
  • The library you want to collect from is close to the library where the item is held and the item is available on the shelf where you can collect it yourself

For more information see Understanding the request options available


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