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Digital Imaging Unit Scanning

For bound and loose leaf flat items in good condition under A3 in size. This includes books, manuscripts, slides, film strips, negatives and photographs. Images are not suitable for large format printing.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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Digital Imaging Unit Photography Services

For various items in a variety of sizes and conditions. This includes but is not limited to objects, paintings, artworks, maps, oversized books and manuscripts, glass slides. Location photography can be arranged for objects that are too large to transport to the studio. Suitable for large format printing. 

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Videos, Graphic Design & Restoration

Digital Imaging Unit Video Service

Video creation, graphic design and digital restoration can be requested to enhance the user’s experience of a collection, an item or library service. Available to Library Collections & Museum staff only.  

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3D Scan 

Digital Imaging Unit 3d Scanning

Photogrammetry is currently used to create high end 3D models of objects.  3D scanning is forthcoming service from our department. Please let us know your interest in this service using the form below.      

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Special Projects

Digital Imaging Unit Special Projects

For digitisation that requires special attention or project planning for larger volumes, longer timeframes, or collaboration with other institutions. 

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DIU Consultation

Not sure what you need?  Our team can help determine the scope, cost, requirements and final product of your project.                                     

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Digitisation Lifecycle Chart
This chart shows the steps of the digitisation lifecycle from the time an order is received, through to its delivery and archiving.


Image Credit: Theses philosophicae (De.7.53),

Image Credit: Double-manual harpsichord (0035504c-0001), Musical Instrument Museum Edinburgh

Image Credit: 9 gastropods in a square box inscribed: Cluricula Vulprina, St Helena, Collected by Charles Darwin (EUCM.0180.2013 )

Image Credit: Calotype Portraits, Vol.I  (Coll-1073 ), Hill and Adamson

Image Credit: Two Hundred and Ninety Four Note Books One Thousand One Hundred Donors

Image Credit: Gandharan Fragment, Lion (EU1339)