Information Services

Our Equipment

We use state of the art equipment to digitise collection items to high quality standards.


Digital Imaging Unit, i2S V-Scanner
i2s V-shaped Book Scanners
Our V-shaped book scanners are used to digitise bound books without risking damage to the spines.  They scan at 600ppi and can hold books up to A3 in size. 
Epson Flatbed Scanners
We use Epson Perfection Pro V Series flatbed scanners to scan flat material, slides, negatives and photographs in high resolution up to A4 in size and 6400dpi.  
Image Access Bookeye Book Scanners
Our top-down book scanners allow high-speed digitisation of less-fragile books.  They scan at 600ppi and can hold books up to A2 in size. 
Kodak Feed Scanners
Our Kodak Alaris i4250 Feed Scanner is used to digitise non-unique material, such as 2nd copy theses or card catalogue index cards, and can scan stacks of printed paper up to 600dpi and as fast as 100 sheets per minute.   


Phase One Cameras
We use two Phase One XF camera bodies, fitted with IQ3 100 megapixel backs and Schneider Kreuznach lenses, to capture high-resolution images of unbound material, oversize material, and material featuring colours or textures such as art and manuscripts.
Nikon D800 and D810 Cameras
We use Nikon D800 series cameras for photo and vidoe documentary work including staff portraits, exhibition documentation, and internal documentation videos.  They shoot at 36 megapixels in full-frame.  


3D Digitisation capabilities are currently provided in collaboration with uCreate Studio.

uCreate Studio 3D Scanning Equipment



Image Credit: Scanning the Blackie Collection (0143790)